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MLH MAP laboratory batch mixers
Supplier news
03/02/12 - WAM Australia introduces a new range of laboratory mixers designed for all forms of product development as well as small scale production in mixing technology across all sectors and applications.
Pipetman G air displacement pipette with reduced RSI risk
Supplier news
26/01/12 - John Morris Scientific introduces Pipetman G, Gilson's new range of mechanical air displacement pipettes specifically designed to reduce the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) among users.
Gilson Pipetman M Pipette
Supplier news
29/08/11 - John Morris Scientific presents the Gilson Pipetman M pipette laboratory instruments with four pipetting modes.
Tektronix TDS1000C-EDU educational digital storage oscilloscope
Supplier news
11/08/11 - Available now from TekMark Australia, the TDS1000C-EDU education series of digital storage oscilloscopes is designed specifically to meet the needs of schools and universities.
Verafoodborne Lab-on-Chip application
Supplier news
06/07/11 - Provider of molecular detection tests, Veredus Laboratories, and its technology partner, ST Microelectronics, have announced the successful development and deployment of VereFoodborne, a Lab-on-Chip application.
Users of K86200 automatic density meters can view live, on screen video at 10X magnification
Supplier news
05/07/11 - K86200 automatic density meters have been designed to provide accurate concentration information in a variety of formats, and are now supplied by Crea Laboratory Technologies.
FAST-ACT Toxic Chemical Spill Response Kit
Supplier news
29/06/11 - Enware Australia presents the FAST-ACT broad spectrum toxic chemical spill response kits.
PS360 lab power supplies can operate in constant current or constant voltage modes
Supplier news
27/06/11 - Now available from Snaptec Australia, PS360 series laboratory power supplies have been designed to be compact and lightweight, featuring a switchmode design for versatile use.
NanoScience atomic force microscope
Supplier news
04/05/11 - Following the launch of its latest BioScience microscope, Scitech has announced a new version of the company’s NanoWizard NanoScience atomic force microscopes.
The new Cole Parmer 2011/12 product guide
Supplier news
28/04/11 - John Morris Scientific has announced that a new edition of Cole Parmer’s product catalogue is now available, providing an updated inventory of the company’s range of laboratory instrumentation and consumables.
TE-220 digital USB microscopes are ideal for a range of inspection applications
Supplier news
04/04/11 - Testequip is pleased to introduce the TE-220 digital USB microscope that has magnification up to 220x and is supplied with a steel boom stand.
Interfil's high speed centrifuge.
Supplier news
04/04/11 - Interfil has released a high speed centrifuge suitable for a number of centrifuge applications and capable of reducing the cost of liquid waste disposal.

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