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Gilson AutoSamplers are now available for NS500 nanoparticle characterisation systems
Supplier news
20/12/11 - NanoSight AutoSamplers are now available for NS500 nanoparticle characterisation systems, Particle & Surface Sciences reports, following requests from users in clinical and environmental labs.
CAC Gas 750-litre gas cylinder
Supplier news
19/12/11 - CAC Gas & Instrumentation offers a range of 5L cylinders with gas capacity of 750 litres designed for use by customers moving up in cylinder sizes from disposable cylinders.
A selection of the Trolex gas detectors available from Austdac
Supplier news
15/12/11 - These gas detection systems feature a range of components that can be combined to create a system suitable for any mining operation.
1500 litre gas cylinder
Supplier news
30/11/11 - CAC Gas & Instrumentation supplies a range of gas cylinders with gas capacity of 1500 litres to provide a long term cost effective calibration gas solution.
Altair 5X Multigas Detector
Supplier news
28/11/11 - Gas monitoring instruments are designed to check environmental gas concentrations at regular intervals.
PBR-100 push button regulator
Supplier news
16/11/11 - CAC Gas & Instrumentation offers the PBR-100 push button regulators in four different flow rates.
Gas sampling pump and gas analyser flow transmitter systems available from Alvi Technologies
Supplier news
10/11/11 - These Gas analysers and gas sampling pumps can be installed and adapted for a range of applications and are ideal for the continuous sampling and monitoring of most gases.
Multi-tone alarm sounders ‘A’ with LED light indicator
Supplier news
04/11/11 - Switches Plus Components presents a range of multi-tone alarm sounders as part of their comprehensive range of visual-audible signalling products.
Multi-tone alarm sounders
Supplier news
03/11/11 - Switches Plus Components offers a comprehensive range of multi-tone alarm sounders with standard to high outputs.
Calibration gas station
Supplier news
30/09/11 - CAC Gas & Instrumentation presents the MGS (Manual Gas Station), an off-the-shelf solution for calibration gas service facilities that use a variety of calibration gases.
AKSA John Deere powered generators
Supplier news
30/09/11 - Power Systems Australia presents their range of AKSA diesel generators including John Deere Powered Generators.
5L high pressure gas cylinder
Supplier news
15/09/11 - CAC Gas & Instrumentation presents a range of 5L gas cylinders that provides customers with a gas capacity of up to 750 litres.

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