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GasAlertMicroClip XT multi gas detectors are thin and lightweight
Supplier news
04/06/12 - Now available from BW Technologies, GasAlertMicroClip XT multi gas detectors are an affordable solution for protecting workers from atmospheric hazards.
Ventis MX4 gas monitor
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30/05/12 - Industrial Scientific Corporation recommends the use of urethane tubing when sampling exotic gases to prevent absorption of the gas by the sample tubing.
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14/05/12 - Customers receive 15% off all orders placed in the first week 14-20 May 2012.
GasAlertMicro Clip XT multi gas detectors can monitor either high range single gas hazards, or up to four gas hazards simultaneously
Supplier news
02/05/12 - GasAlertMicro Clip XT multi gas detectors, now available from Lear Siegler Australasia, are a cost effective solution for protecting workers and staff from atmospheric gas hazards.
A one year warranty is provided with all GasBadge Plus portable single gas monitors
Supplier news
27/04/12 - GasBadge Plus portable single gas monitors are now available from Industrial Scientific Australia, offering a reliable, one year maintenance free solution for personal protection from hazardous gas le
FF-100 SM septum regulator
Supplier news
30/03/12 - CAC Gas & Instrumentation introduces a new range of septum regulators designed for applications where customers are required to inject gas samples into GCs or other gas analysers.
135DA lab gas cylinders weigh only 1.2kg, making them easily manoeuvrable throughout a laboratory
Supplier news
13/03/12 - Now available from CAC Gas & Instrumentation, 135DA gas cylinders are designed as a functional and portable alternative to lecture bottles and larger high pressure cylinders.
ONESuit Pro
Supplier news
07/03/12 - The ONESUIT Pro is a gas-tight suit that has now gained SOLAS Type II-2 certification regarding the requirements of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).
135DA powder coated gas cylinders are designed for use where larger volume cylinders provide more gas than necessary
Supplier news
20/02/12 - CAC Gas & Instrumentation's new powder coated disposable gas cylinders are designed for use in calibration gas applications where smaller volumes of gas are required.
The new consultation service aims to develop the most effective calibration and bump testing solution for a given application
Supplier news
23/01/12 - A new consultative and rental program has been introduced by CAC Gas & Instrumentation designed for shutdowns, turnarounds and other extended gas detection rental applications.
12DA calibration gas cylinder
Supplier news
18/01/12 - CAC Gas & Instrumentation introduces a new range of 12-litre mini calibration gas and bump test disposable cylinders designed for gas detection applications requiring a small volume of calibration gas
Ansell Sol-Vex gloves protect the skin against epoxy resins
Supplier news
13/01/12 - Glove permeation tests conducted by Ansell Industrial Healthcare in conjunction with an independent German laboratory found that Ansell Sol-Vex gloves offer high protection against epoxy resins.

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