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MaK M 46 DF dual fuel marine engine
Supplier news
03/07/13 - Caterpillar Marine Power Systems have announced the shipment of the first Mak M 46 DF dual fuel marine engine.
TDL oxygen gas sensor
Supplier news
25/06/13 - Mettler Toledo presents the GPro 500 TDL sensor, a range of oxygen gas sensors offering faster measurement, more accurate data and a significantly lower cost of ownership.
The Purifier fresh air ozone machine
Supplier news
18/02/13 - The Purifier fresh air ozone machine from GO Distribution offers a complete solution for clean and healthy air.
Elliotts’ specialist customised safety gear
Supplier news
08/11/12 - Safety gear specialist Elliotts has boosted its existing manufacturing and design capabilities to meet the growing need for customised safety apparel in the Australian market.
Chem-Master stainless steel regulator
Supplier news
08/10/12 - CAC Gas & Instrumentation presents the new Chem-Master regulator and manifold product family.
The gas detectors, monitors and sensors are simple to use
Supplier news
26/09/12 - MSA introduces its range of Altair gas detectors, Sirius gas monitors and sensors, and Solaris gas detectors.
STG non-refillable gas cylinders
Supplier news
03/09/12 - Non-refillable gas cylinders by Scientific and Technical Gases (STG) are now available from ProDetec.
FLIR thermal imaging cameras allow inspectors to see hot spots
Supplier news
27/08/12 - FLIR Systems Australia offers a comprehensive range of thermal imaging cameras designed for predictive and preventative maintenance in buildings.
Black neoprene chemical resistant gloves
Supplier news
08/08/12 - Prochoice Safety Gear presents the black neoprene chemical resistant gloves for safe handling in various industrial applications.
Chem-Tech chemical splash protective clothing
Supplier news
19/07/12 - Safety gear specialist Elliotts offers Chem-Tech chemical splash safety apparel, the latest generation of chemical splash suit fabrics with a breathable hydrophilic PTFE lamin.
Sensepoint high temperature gas sensors are ideal for hazardous areas
Supplier news
14/06/12 - Now available from Bio Systems, Sensepoint high temperature gas sensors are specifically designed for use in high temperature hazardous areas to detect combustible gases.
Supplier news
06/06/12 - 15% off all Pro-Val gloves until Friday 15th June

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