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Visual and auditory warning indicators from Patlite
Patlite Signals Distributors (Australia & New Zealand)
A complete collection of visual and auditory warning indicators from Patlite that is ideal for traffic controls and emergency warnings.
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LED Light Works provides efficient, green and safe lighting solutions to the industry. LED Light Works offers a wide range of products to the retail, commercial, industrial or civil sector including lighting audits, lighting assessments, electronic data ...
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PATLITE & SIGNALFX are the world’s leading brand of Advanced Audio Visual Signalling devices, designed to improve safety, security & productivity of any machine, system, hardware, software, infrastructure. The product range includes IoT Ready LED ...
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Tigerlight are distributors of Philips and LG lighting and supply LED Lighting that includes indoor lighting, energy efficient globes, tube lighting, LED strip lighting, flood lighting and LED Street Lights. Their lighting can be used for tower poles, ...
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LED Lighting Australia is a design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution company whose aim is to deliver the latest technology and highest quality products to the market. We offer custom designs and solutions to the retail, commercial and public ...
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Pelican Products is a manufacturer of lighting systems, protector cases and shipping containers for the industrial sector. Their products include heavy duty flashlights, LED lights, personal flashlights, laptop hardcases, tool chests, LED remote area ...
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Narva sources and supplies a wide range of automotive lighting and electrical products including driving and fog lamps, gloves, fuses and accessories relays and flashers, emergency lighting, trailer connectors, LED truck lights, cables and terminals, ...
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High performance LED emergency lighting
Supplier news
13/02/07 - Mining, construction and heavy machinery operators can now benefit from the latest high performance LED technology now available in the world of emergency lighting.

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