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Visual and auditory warning indicators from Patlite
Patlite Signals Distributors (Australia & New Zealand)
A complete collection of visual and auditory warning indicators from Patlite that is ideal for traffic controls and emergency warnings.
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With sensors built to be adaptable to all types of cylinders, provide positioning information and easy installation, BALLUFF have many sensors specific for Pneumatic cylinders including an analogue output version for pneumatic gripper applications ...
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PATLITE & SIGNALFX are the world’s leading brand of Advanced Audio Visual Signalling devices, designed to improve safety, security & productivity of any machine, system, hardware, software, infrastructure. The product range includes IoT Ready LED ...
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REPSS operates as a division of Renovo Energy specialising in mobile power equipment including LED lighting towers, balloon lighting towers, security and access mobile towers, communication trailers, LED signboard and scoreboards and mobile power sources.
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Four colours in one.
Supplier news
18/01/06 - PATLITE Signal and JTEC have released another new concept in FA signal indicating solutions. An all-in-one LED signal tower which provides four colours in the single lens, the LME-Q quad-colour (LED) series of Patlite LED signal towers range.
ASi supported LED signal tower.
Supplier news
18/01/06 - PATLITE Signal and JTEC have released a new LED signal tower that can be integrated easily into existing ASi, Uniwire, Devicenet, or CC link systems within manufacturing or other environments. Incorporating ASi technology into signal towers simplifies ...
Economical LED signal towers from Patlite
Supplier news
15/12/05 - PATLITE Corporation has introduced the second series of new economical LED status indicating light. This low cost but high quality LED signal tower is perfect sizing at 60mm (25mm - 100mm) in diameter
Compact LED signal tower.
Supplier news
09/10/03 - WERMA has added two new LED signal towers to its range with the launch of its 36mm and 71mm diameter signal towers - to be known as Kompakt 36 and Kompakt 71. Available from Balluff-Leuze, the new towers conform to the most advanced standards.

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