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Intrinsically Safe Hardware

Custom hardware and software for military, aviation, industrial
Allied Data Systems
Allied Data Systems Data Bus Technology, Networking Interfaces, fanless and rugged embedded computers are designed for applications in military, naval vessels and aircrafts.
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Vibration monitors
Air-Met Scientific Pty Ltd
Air-Met Scientific Pty Ltd offer a wide range of OH&S and environmental monitors and is the only Australian distributor for Quest noise monitors, sound monitors and vibration monitors
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Interworld Electronics
Interworld Electronics specialise in Industrial and Embedded PCs, Medical Computing, Remote Power Management, Computer Telephony Communications, Data Acquisition and Remote Power Management. Remote Power Management allows ...
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Allied Data Systems has been providing custom engineered products and systems since 1983. Systems vary from rugged displays and embedded processing systems for data distributions to internal shipboard communications and training systems. Allied ...
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Established in 1984, AirMet Scientific Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s market leaders in the supply and service of cost effective solutions dedicated to the protection of personnel in the workplace. AirMet back those solutions with a high level ...
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Aegex Technologies offers customisable, Windows-based mobile solutions for all personnel in multiple zones of hazardous locations. Our intrinsically safe devices are globally certified for industrial use in explosive atmospheres, bringing the power of ...
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Intrinsically Safe OEM transmitters Series D
Supplier news
01/08/17 - Bestech presents a range of Intrinsically Safe pressure transmitters designed for applications involving hazardous areas of the gas group II in industry.
Devices that are operated in areas with flammable gases or fuels are required to be ‘Intrinsically Safe’
Supplier news
13/06/17 - Paperless safety inspections are conducted using smartphones and tablets with safety inspectors fully relying on these mobile devices in the field.
Larson Electronics EPL-AMB-150LED-50 low profile adjustable magnetic mount LED light fixture
09/05/16 - Larson Electronics offers a complete line-up of explosion proof LED light fixtures, switches and warning lights for use in hazardous environments.
Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Supplier news
21/08/14 - Russell Fraser Sales offers an extensive range of intrinsically safe Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment to meet all requirements.
Protective cases for various mobile devices allow their use in Zone 2 areas or Division 2 for safety inspections
Supplier news
07/07/14 - It is mandatory for safety inspectors to carry intrinsically safe devices certified for hazardous areas when performing a safety inspection.

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