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XR-3000C x-ray food inspection system
Supplier news
20/06/11 - Applied Sorting Technologies currently manufacture four standard models of x-ray food inspection system within their XR-3000 series.
The Lloyd TA Plus texture analyser
Supplier news
20/04/11 - Lloyd TA Plus texture analysers, now available from Bestech Australia, provide a reliable and efficient system for highlighting quality improvement opportunities throughout the supply chain.
One of the custom-built x-ray inspection systems installed at the Nestle factory
Supplier news
16/11/10 - Applied Sorting Technologies was recently commissioned to install two custom-built x-ray inspection systems at the Nestle Peters Ice Cream factory in Mulgrave.
Safeline X-Ray systems from MPI Australia
Supplier news
22/10/10 - The Safeline X-Ray systems are designed to check for dense contamination in products that can pass along a conveyor in a continuous stream, i.e dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, spices, grain and rice
Kistler Staiger Mohilo DMF/P A300 single-channel force/displacement measuring systems from SI Instruments
Supplier news
22/10/10 - The Kistler Staiger Mohilo DMF/P A300 single-channel force/displacement measuring systems have been specifically designed to monitor interference press fits.
Dial Food Thermometers available from Temperature Technology
Supplier news
12/10/10 - Temperature Technology introduces two dial thermometers, the Micro3402 Water tight Bimetal Food Thermometers and the RT400 Bimetal Refrigerator Thermometers.
WineScan™ Auto from FOSS
Supplier news
11/10/10 - WineScan™ Auto from FOSS, allows fast and efficient analysis of must under fermentation and wine.
The MeatMaster from FOSS is now available to scan fat content in meat.
Supplier news
08/10/10 - The MeatMaster from FOSS, has been designed to measure fat content at production speed.
X-ray food inspection service
Supplier news
30/09/10 - Applied Sorting Technologies provide an X-ray food inspection service to check products suspected of containing contaminants or to check packaged products which may have missing or damaged ingredients.
Vertical metal detectors can identify and remove contaminated items from production
Supplier news
30/09/10 - Ideal for scale and bagger systems, Model THS/G vertical metal detectors from CEIA have been specifically designed to inspect loose materials that are transported in free-fall through tubes.
Self adjusting metal detectors offer accurate inspection of food products
Supplier news
29/09/10 - Available from CEIA, multi spectrum, self adjusting metal detectors offer high sensitivity and consistently accurate FDA Title 21 compliant inspection of all food products.
THS Standard metal detectors are used in food production applications
Supplier news
28/09/10 - Available from CEIA, THS Standard metal detectors have been specifically designed to detect metal contaminants that may accidentally be present in food products.

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