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Inspection Camera machines

High-speed image acquisition and processing
Automation Systems and Controls
Cognex Vision Systems and Cameras are fully features visual inspection systems that is also user friendly and provide an electronic alternative to human or manual inspection
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HD high Speed cameras
Blink Technology Australia
Photron high speed camera systems have become the trusted choice of leading research institutions worldwide, providing reliability and high performance for the most challenging imaging applications.
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Nexxis is an Australian owned technical equipment and technologies rental, sales and leasing company. They supply state-of-the-art Inspection Cameras (RVI), Non Destructive Testing (NDT) ultrasonic equipment, Instrumentation and Measurement and Alignment ...
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Automation Systems and Contriols (ASC) is a 100% Australian owned company providing automation solutions for industry. ASC are specialists in fields including Vision Sensors, Machine Automation, Motion Control, Sensors and Controllers. ASC distribute ...
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Blink technology Australia specialises in high speed digital video systems. The company supplies a wide range of fast speed cameras, high light sensitive devices and applications suitable for a wide range of industries such as education, manufacturing, ...
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By Type
APPE's new sample pre-watcher inspection machine replaces the manual inspection of performs, freeing staff to work on other value-added tasks
Supplier news
11/01/12 - HBM supplier IntraVis Vision Systems of Germany has announced that it has secured a contract to supply sample pre-watcher inspection machines to a leading industrial plastic packaging group.
Nexxis - reconfigure v2
Nexxis reconfigure v2
Silence Is Golden : The Finale
The Mentor IQ Longsteer has a cable reel capable of extending up to 30 meters. To maintain articulation, it requires the help of a compressor. Our customers wanted to know exactly how loud the compressor is - so here's the answer... Enjoy!

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