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Industrial Wireless Modems

ETM770 communication solutions from ETM Pacific
ETM Pacific
ETM Pacific's wireless communications technology is suitable for those who want to improve the operation of their businesses and homes.
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Sixnet IndustrialPro® 6000 Industrial Cellular Routers
Control Logic
The Red Lion Sixnet Series offers the broadest range of M2M modems and routers available on the market today.
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Intelligent Industrial 3G M2M Routers NTC-6908
NetComm Limited
Industrial 3G M2M Routers and Modems provides high speed and secure network connection with wireless communication systems
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ETM Pacific are suppliers of superior wireless products. This includes a range of GSM/GPRS/UMTS/3G/NextG modules and terminals, sensor technology, controllers and data logging systems.
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Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian Company that specialises in providing wireless embedded solutions to business. Clarinox Technologies applications include location determination, MP3 streaming, handsfree voice communication, asset tracking ...
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Founded in 1981, Control Logic are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of industrial, electrical and automation products, services and solutions. Australian owned and operated, and ISO 9001 certified, they service thousands of industrial ...
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NetComm designs, manufactures and distributes a range of commercial/industrial grade routers and modems specifically built for use over the cellular networks in areas of development of hardware, development of custom firmware to meet specific customer ...
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Caelera was established in 2001 and specialises in a range of fibre optic products, video products and RF products. They provide technical solutions for audio, batteries, modems, telecoms, imaging and telephony. Major brands include Actel, Conexant, ...
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CMX7164 multi-mode wireless data modems
Supplier news
13/04/11 - CMX7164 multi-mode wireless data modems from Caelera replace the current need for user programmed DSP plus codec ICs by providing 4/16/64-QAM and root raised cosine 2/4FSK baseband modem functions in a single chip.

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