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Summit Matsu Chillers is an Australian engineering and manufacturing company which specialises in chiller systems and associated technology and maintenance. With the wealth of experience in manufacturing almost every part of refrigeration systems, the ...
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Supplier news
25/05/10 - Robert Mann have purchased a 100 kW air cooled industrial water cooler from Summit Matsu Chillers. It is used for their computer room air conditioning.
11.6 Coin Cell Retainer from NPA
Supplier news
27/07/07 - A new, top-loaded, low profile Coin Cell Retainer presented by NPA is suited for high density PCB packaging.
Fuse holders
Supplier news
19/03/07 - The new holders available from NPA feature a unique barrier design to protect leads from arcing.
Supplier news
25/10/06 - PTC, the Product Development Company, has released that Lockheed Martin’s Engineering Process Improvement Center (EPIC) has added Mathcad to its preferred supplier agreement, with PTC as a tool for critical engineering calculations.
Fire protection by combining the Aussie Fire Chief and the family swimming pool
Supplier news
24/10/06 - Hundreds of thousands of Australian homes are located in high hazard bush fire areas. Teaming the swimming pool with a reliable fire pump and hose kit, as recommended by the authorities, means homes can be saved and tragedies adverted. The Aussie Fire ...
Keystone coin cell retainers.
Supplier news
23/10/03 - AUTOMATED, surface mount placement, along with top-loading battery convenience for high density packaging, are among many key features found in an upgraded series of low profile coin cell retainers from Keystone Electronics.
Keystone instrumentation handles.
Supplier news
24/09/03 - THE recent expansion of Keystone Electronics instrumentation handle availability is due to the development and use of advanced production technology and support equipment designed by the company. As such, the handles are offered in brass or aluminum, ...
PC  screw terminals.
Supplier news
08/05/03 - VERTICALLY or horizontally mountable metric-type PC screw terminals are now available from Keystone Electronics, represented by NPA. These new terminals offer an exclusive, anti-rotation, non-rocking design well-suited for high density packaging.
Keystone fuse clips -- covers available, too.
Supplier news
20/02/03 - AN expanded selection of ‘snap-in’ or ‘press-in’ 2AG, 3AG and 5mm PCB mounted fuse clips are being offered by Keystone Electronics Corp. Rated for 6.3 to 15A operation, these cost-saving, low profile clips are available with or without orientation tabs ...
Interconnect components & hardware catalogue
Supplier news
12/12/02 - TECHNOLOGICAL advances requiring leading-edge interconnect components and hardware can found in the updated catalogue Ml from Keystone Electronics, represented in Australia by NPA. This latest edition includes a diverse selection of new products with ...
Keystone’s coin cells.
Supplier news
16/10/02 - A SERIES of holders for quick and easy installation of 2032 lithium coin cells in high-density applications is now available from Keystone Electronics, through NPA. Offered in thru-hole and surface mount versions, these new holders are extremely rugged ...
Benq’s VP150X projector.
Supplier news
20/02/02 - BENQ Australia has released the first in a line of digital data projectors heralding the introduction of Benq branded products to the Australian market. The Benq projector range includes the VP150X – 1800 ansi lumens LCD projector and the top-of-the ...

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