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Heavy Duty Footwear-Anti Static with steel cap
Oliver Footwear
Oliver's sturdy and comfortable work boots include leather boots, capped safety boots, construction safety boots and safety gumboots.
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Hunter Valley Workwear has been providing workwear and protective clothing for over 22 years. The product range includes Hi-Vis clothing, hearing and eye protection solutions, cotton drill clothing, rainwear clothing, safety footwear, non-slip footwear ...
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Oliver Footwear offers a range of specialty and safety footwear that is engineered for comfort and fit for purpose. Oliver Footwear products provide unique under foot support, absorption of shock and impacts, with light weight and flexibility to ensure ...
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Oliver Wheat Zip Sided Lace Up Boot
Supplier news
25/10/15 - Oliver Footwear has released a new line of safety footwear made specifically for women.
Oliver WB 22-205 Gumboot series
Supplier news
24/10/15 - Oliver Footwear announces the release of a new safety footwear range featuring extra protection and comfort, and addressing a unique gap in the market.
Three of the six different styles in the PB 49 range
Supplier news
03/07/14 - Oliver Footwear announces the release of a new range of safety footwear designed specifically for women.
WB 26-670 Black Lace Up High Leg Boot Zip Sided with Fabric
Supplier news
14/11/13 - Oliver Footwear presents two new heavy duty footwear solutions for the essential services segment.
Oliver Footwear @ Safety in Action 2013
Supplier news
19/08/13 - Ferret.com.au finds out more about the innovative new WB 34 Series lightweight workboots from Oliver Footwear.
The WB 34 Series is one of the lightest workboots ever made by Oliver
Supplier news
15/05/13 - Oliver Footwear introduces a new range of safety and industrial footwear that ensures comfort and safety for the user.
The zip on the exterior side is designed to allow fast donning and removal of the boot
Supplier news
16/08/12 - The All Terrain range of safety and industrial footwear from Oliver Footwear delivers on comfort, performance and durability.
Todd Bairstow with Oliver Footwear sales manager Adam Workman and his new pair of AT 55-285 work boots
Supplier news
12/10/11 - A Cape York mine worker owes the use of his legs to his pair of Oliver Footwear AT 55 work boots after a recent crocodile attack while fishing on the banks of a local North Queensland creek.
High leg zip sided work boots
Supplier news
11/10/10 - Oliver Footwear supply the 55-285 High Leg Zip Sided Work Boot, complete with steel toe cap, anti static sole, and side zip closure for quick donning and exit.
Style 55-223 elastic sided safety boot from Oliver Footwear
Supplier news
07/10/10 - Available now from Oliver Footwear, elastic sided boots are comfortable safety shoes suitable for wear in a range of industries, including mining, welding and manufacturing.
Supplier news
08/08/08 - Anode Global offers a wide range of footwear such as industrial footwear, casual footwear, hiking footwear and children’s footwear.
Dual-density rubber sole.
Supplier news
12/05/05 - OLIVER Footwear has added dual-density rubber all-terrain soles to the AT range of industrial footwear. The 25 series includes seven upper styles that are the same as the 45 series, with a choice of lace-up and elastic-sided safety boots.

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