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Reliable Industrial Consumables

Industrial consumables are those products that help get the job done; they are the bits and pieces that need replacing when projects or production lines are working to their maximum. This can include batteries, welding rods, sanding discs, magnets, castors and wheels.

Here are some tips when sourcing industrial consumables:

1) Buy from a reliable source. Easier said than done. However, look at where the product is manufactured and look at what guarantees or warrantees are offered.
2) Quality. A reliable source is good, however it needs to be of good quality, too. Batteries are an example of where quality is a necessity. Issues can include overheating, draining to quickly, and rusting through before they have finished their lifespan.
3) Warranty. Any reliable supplier will stand behind their product. Alarm bells should be sounding if they are not part of the package.
SEW-EURODRIVE Youtube Channel
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Kraus & Naimer Wellington Factory
The Kraus & Naimer Wellington factory was established in 1978. There are six moulding machines capable of running 24/7. 50% of Kraus & Naimers total output is manufactured in Wellington, waste is ground and reused. Currently around 50 people work for ...
Kraus & Naimer
Era Polymers
Excellence in Polyurethane Chemistry
Era Polymers
Wilson Tool Tapping Tool Operation
Watch how the Wilson Tapping Tool taps holes in sheet metal quickly and efficiently.
Sheetmetal Tooling Tech
Richmond Engineering Video
Richmond Engineering Video
Richmond Wheels and Castors
Richmond TugR
Intuitive tugR offers high maneuverability and safety without requiring a license to operate.
Richmond Wheels and Castors
NMW 2013: Sensors and Instrumentation from Bestech Australia
Bestech showcase their range of sensors and instrumentation at NMW 2013. Hear about their leak testers, measurement equipment and thermal imagers.
Bestech Australia
Orbio 5000SC Multi- Surface Cleaning Solution
Orbio 5000SC Multi- Surface Cleaning Solution
The Flow from Burkert Fluid Control Systems
Burkert is based in Germany and manufactures valves, instruments and controllers.
Burkert Fluid Control Systems
New Poly PTX 800 Eisenblaetter
New Poly PTX 800 Eisenblaetter
111 Abrasives Australia Pty Ltd
Modat-200 Product Demo Video
Modat-200 Product Demo Video
ICP Electronics Australia
NMW 2012 - Ferret.com.au interviews Boscotek Industrial Stor
Ferret.com.au talks to Glen Huggett, Multimedia & Marketing, about why Bosctotek exhibits at National Manufacturing Week, and what it is that makes the industrial storage company stand out from its competitors.
Ferret - www.ferret.com.au

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