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Reliable Industrial Consumables

Industrial consumables are those products that help get the job done; they are the bits and pieces that need replacing when projects or production lines are working to their maximum. This can include batteries, welding rods, sanding discs, magnets, castors and wheels.

Here are some tips when sourcing industrial consumables:

1) Buy from a reliable source. Easier said than done. However, look at where the product is manufactured and look at what guarantees or warrantees are offered.
2) Quality. A reliable source is good, however it needs to be of good quality, too. Batteries are an example of where quality is a necessity. Issues can include overheating, draining to quickly, and rusting through before they have finished their lifespan.
3) Warranty. Any reliable supplier will stand behind their product. Alarm bells should be sounding if they are not part of the package.
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Optiquad-EOF 4050W: inline analyser system for edible oil and fat processing
06/04/16 - KROHNE introduces OPTIQUAD-EOF 4050 W for the continuous inline measurement of free fatty acids (FFA), total polar material (TPM), peroxide value (POV).
Modular CCD Spectrometer
03/04/16 - The Exemplar is the latest addition to the line of miniature CCD spectrometers from B&WTek.
Dow Precision Packaging Resins Wins Technology Innovation Award
29/03/16 - Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, a business unit of the Dow Chemical Company, has been awarded the 2016 Ringier Technology Innovation Award.
Latest Enerpac technology advances bridge launching safety
15/03/16 - Advanced technology bridge launching and crane stability assistance systems being introduced to Australasia by Enerpac are engineered to enhance precision.
Atomizing Spray Nozzle Provides 360 Degree Coverage
09/03/16 - EXAIR's 1/4 NPT internal mix 360 Degree Hollow Circular Pattern Atomizing Spray Nozzle atomises fluid and sprays away from the nozzle in all directions.
Keeping the world moving: Ammeraal Beltech at MODEX 2016
06/03/16 - Visitors to Ammeraal Beltech’s booth 3576 at MODEX 2016 will be able to explore a universe of expert belting solutions.
New active antenna system improves beamforming and enables 5G communications
28/02/16 - NEC has developed a prototype of an A4-sized massive-element Active Antenna System (AA)S for 5G small cell base stations.
New way to measure position and thickness
23/02/16 - The confocalDT 2406-10 with 10mm measuring range stands out due to its compact design and high precision.
Researchers discover first P-type 2D semiconducting material
23/02/16 - Engineers at the University of Utah have discovered a new kind of 2D semiconducting material, opening the door for faster computing devices.
Panasonic Cordless power tools
14/02/16 - Panasonic has released three new cordless power tools: the EYA74A2 13mm drill and driver, the EY79A2 hammer drill and the EY75A7 impact of driver.
Koniambo Baghouse Structure
Supplier news
07/12/15 - A challenge facing developers and operators of buildings and processing plant is ensuring their structures can flexibly cope with internal movement
Storage Tank
Supplier news
07/12/15 - Storage tanks today can hold upwards of 10, 20 or even 30,000 tons of liquid that must be protected from the elements and from pollution to safeguard

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