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Reliable Industrial Consumables

Industrial consumables are those products that help get the job done; they are the bits and pieces that need replacing when projects or production lines are working to their maximum. This can include batteries, welding rods, sanding discs, magnets, castors and wheels.

Here are some tips when sourcing industrial consumables:

1) Buy from a reliable source. Easier said than done. However, look at where the product is manufactured and look at what guarantees or warrantees are offered.
2) Quality. A reliable source is good, however it needs to be of good quality, too. Batteries are an example of where quality is a necessity. Issues can include overheating, draining to quickly, and rusting through before they have finished their lifespan.
3) Warranty. Any reliable supplier will stand behind their product. Alarm bells should be sounding if they are not part of the package.
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Chairman and CEO Stefan Fuchs with the Fuchs Lubricants (Australasia) team
Supplier news
23/05/12 - Wayne Hoiles, Managing Director of Fuchs Lubricants (Australasia) welcomed Fuchs Group Chairman and CEO Stefan Fuchs.
BOLTSCOPE II measures and records bolt strain or load for safety and precision in fastening applications
Supplier news
16/05/12 - Global joint integrity specialist and engineering services company Hydratight has introduced a new ultrasonic instrument designed to measure and record bolt strain or load for safety and precision in
Gammatron’s Unicore transformer
Supplier news
16/05/12 - Gammatron specialises in the supply of transformers, power supplies and battery chargers for the industrial marketplace.
Hydratight MORGRIP 2000 flange adaptor
Supplier news
11/05/12 - Global joint integrity specialist and engineering services company Hydratight compares its degree of care with the standards of aerospace technicians working on a typical jumbo jet who ensure that eve
3M cylinder spray adhesives offer the convenience of aerosol adhesives in a bulk system
Supplier news
07/05/12 - 3M spray adhesives available from Harry Daines Pty Ltd are bulk supplied in 3M cylinders to offer the convenience of aerosol adhesives and the productivity of a bulk system.
3M Scotch ATG adhesive tape with hand dispenser
Supplier news
04/05/12 - Harry Daines Pty Ltd offers the 3M Scotch ATG adhesive tapes designed for versatile, convenient and fast application.
3M’s adhesives and tapes help companies apply the science of adhesion for improved product design and manufacturing
Supplier news
03/05/12 - Harry Daines Pty Ltd offers a comprehensive range of 3M industrial adhesives and tapes for diverse applications.
Supplier news
02/05/12 - 3M adhesives, available from Harry Daines Pty Ltd come in various types including liquids, pastes, tapes, films and shaped solids with each type characteristic in their application effectiveness and e
Supplier news
02/05/12 - Engine Care Systems' Amsoil synthetic oils have been designed to improve performance and protect, however different formulations are appropriate for specific lubrication need.
3M Scotchmate reclosable fasteners
Supplier news
01/05/12 - Harry Daines Pty Ltd offers a range of industrial-strength reclosable fasteners from 3M designed for easy opening and closing.
Supplier news
30/04/12 - Harry Daines Pty Ltd presents the 3M Dual Lock reclosable fasteners designed with high closure strength to replace mechanical fasteners in many applications.
PSS shaft seals
Supplier news
30/04/12 - Power Equipment – Yanmar has been appointed the official distributor of PSS Seals in the Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific markets.

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