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Reliable Industrial Consumables

Industrial consumables are those products that help get the job done; they are the bits and pieces that need replacing when projects or production lines are working to their maximum. This can include batteries, welding rods, sanding discs, magnets, castors and wheels.

Here are some tips when sourcing industrial consumables:

1) Buy from a reliable source. Easier said than done. However, look at where the product is manufactured and look at what guarantees or warrantees are offered.
2) Quality. A reliable source is good, however it needs to be of good quality, too. Batteries are an example of where quality is a necessity. Issues can include overheating, draining to quickly, and rusting through before they have finished their lifespan.
3) Warranty. Any reliable supplier will stand behind their product. Alarm bells should be sounding if they are not part of the package.
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Yanmar eG55 portable generator
Supplier news
23/08/12 - Power Equipment - Yanmar announces the launch of a new range of silenced portable power generators.
Core losses comparable to toroidal transformers
Supplier news
23/08/12 - Gammatron manufactures and supplies commercial and industrial grade power and instrumentation products worldwide.
Supplier news
20/08/12 - Efficient technologies increase uptime and maximise productivity for belt conveyor systems.
The Chipstar wood chipper powered by a JCB DieselMax diesel engine
Supplier news
01/08/12 - A JCB DieselMax 444 diesel engine from Power Equipment – Yanmar has been selected to power the new Chipstar 355 MX wood chipper.
These reinforced fibreglass silicone sheeting products are non porous
Supplier news
31/07/12 - Reinforced fibreglass silicone sheeting products with a thickness of either 0.38mm, 1.5mm, 3.0mm or 6.4mm are available from Jehbco Manufacturing.
Kincrome 5500W petrol generator
Supplier news
24/07/12 - Kincrome Australia introduces three new portable petrol powered generators suitable for powering tools, machinery and appliances in the absence of mains electrical supply.
Supplier news
17/07/12 - The GM023 automatic battery chargers are available from AJ Distributors.
The PR22P-SAE genset installed at the PLE Computers office
Supplier news
12/07/12 - PR Power supplied a back-up generator solution to the Wangara-based IT solutions provider, PLE Computers for their head office.
Seals and gaskets from Complete Seals
Supplier news
09/07/12 - Australasia’s leading specialist supplier of seals and gaskets, Complete Seals is undergoing a major expansion in response to growing demand for its products.
Supplier news
09/07/12 - Insulect Australia delivers a range of solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.
A 10-35KVA generator set enclosure
Supplier news
05/07/12 - Leading manufacturer of power generator sets, Olympian Generators presents generator set enclosures designed to provide excellent weather protection and sound attenuation.
Voltronics’ non-magnetic multi-layer capacitors
Supplier news
03/07/12 - AJ Distributors presents a range of RoHS-compliant multi-layer capacitors from Voltronics.

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