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Reliable Industrial Consumables

Industrial consumables are those products that help get the job done; they are the bits and pieces that need replacing when projects or production lines are working to their maximum. This can include batteries, welding rods, sanding discs, magnets, castors and wheels.

Here are some tips when sourcing industrial consumables:

1) Buy from a reliable source. Easier said than done. However, look at where the product is manufactured and look at what guarantees or warrantees are offered.
2) Quality. A reliable source is good, however it needs to be of good quality, too. Batteries are an example of where quality is a necessity. Issues can include overheating, draining to quickly, and rusting through before they have finished their lifespan.
3) Warranty. Any reliable supplier will stand behind their product. Alarm bells should be sounding if they are not part of the package.
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Eragel Providing Comfort
Supplier news
16/06/19 - Era Polymers Eragel ZR & MZR are soft polyurethane gels suitable for a variety of applications providing comfort and reducing strain on the body!
Klingstone® Paths - A Solution to Footpath Maintenance
Supplier news
16/06/19 - Klingstone® Paths - A Solution to Footpath Maintenance
The QX Series Torque Multiplier
Supplier news
20/12/18 - No matter how big and complex your machinery gets, at its heart, holding everything together, is the humble little bolt.
iglidur E7 lead screw nut
Supplier news
19/02/18 - Treotham presents a new range of lead screw nuts from igus made from the special iglidur E7 material for precise adjustment.
Era Polymers
Supplier news
07/11/17 - Era Polymers announces the appointment of Stefano Tappari as their new European Business Development Manager.
Rhino Linings produces premium spray-applied lining and coating products that provide maximum protection against corrosion, scratches and dents
Supplier news
31/10/17 - Rhino Linings Australasia joined a trade mission organised by AAAA to several countries throughout the Asia Pacific.
Master Bond EP110F8-5 epoxy
10/10/17 - The new two component epoxy from Master Bond offers excellent dimensional stability and low shrinkage on cure in a broad range of applications.
TAC AFL sports floor
Supplier news
28/08/17 - A waterborne polyurethane coating from Era Polymers was used to rejuvenate the existing rubber floor at an indoor sports centre.
MGP168 joint sealant is formulated for quick adhesion to prepared concrete
Supplier news
24/08/17 - Era Polymers presents the MGP168, a two-part hybrid polyurea elastomeric joint filler primarily used as a joint sealant.
Erabond 610FC (Fast Cure) metal primer provides substrate protection against corrosion
Supplier news
23/08/17 - Erabond from Era Polymers is a fast curing primer formulated specifically for the surface treatment of metal substrates.
Prime fixed generator
Supplier news
01/08/17 - Doing your homework is important before investing in a portable generator, says Kevin Ennis, General Manager of Sales at Redstar Equipment.
Magnetic cable hooks
Supplier news
30/07/17 - Adept Direct has introduced a new range of heavy duty magnetic cable holders.

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