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What is an Industrial Computer?
An industrial computer is a PC that has been designed for rugged environments. This means that it can handle a few knocks here and there, and that the manufacturer has made the componentry to a specific standard and can meet a range of environmental conditions unsuitable for consumer-grade computers.

What sort of environments should an industrial computer be protected against? Temperature, dust, dirty and water are just a few of the conditions that an industrial computer should be able to work in without users having to worry if they are going to break down. Ingress Protection, or IP, standards such as IP65, IP66 and IP67 are used to alert users that their computer can handle industrial environments.

Componentry within an industrial computer will be ruggedised if it designed to withstand vibrations when installed in a ship or vehicle. This means the parts will be built to a much higher standard.

Finally, all industrial computers come with an imbedded operating system that can offer up to 15 years of use, which is different from consumer applications whereby the operating system needs to be upgraded every three or four years.
Industrial LCD Displays
Industrial LCD Displays designed for commercial and industrial applications
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MEX iOS App Asset Register
​Fully compatible with both MEX and FleetMEX, the MEX iOS App is specifically designed to assist you with the maintenance of your equipment whilst out
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Plasma Cutting Equipment
Advanced Robotic Technology
Plasma cutters have been designed to withstand heavy duty manufacturing tools with precision
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Sell perishable products quicker
Custom Printed labels with the option of custom overprinting which can read more information of the customers brand
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Verifying correct bar codes immediately after printing for optimised production
SICK Pty Ltd
High performing Secondary Case Packaging and Film Wrapping solutions for effective food manufacturing.
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Industrial Barcode Printers
Gamma Solutions
Barcode printers for all industrial requirements, customisable for your specific business needs
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Safeguard Hazardous Areas with Industrial Safety Systems from SICK
SICK Pty Ltd
Industrial Safety Systems include protection components, safety switches and software for safeguarding hazardous areas
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Based Book Size Signage Player
Backplane Systems Technology
Micro PCs for commercial and industrial applications
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Backplane Systems Technology Industrial Panel PCs and LCD Monitors for Harsh Environments
Backplane Systems Technology
Industrial panel PCs and LCD Monitors designed for commercial and industrial applications
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Measure various temperature ranges accurately and easily
Bestech Australia
Bestech Australia's temperature sensors provide accurate readings and suitable for various industry applications
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Miniature Drive Control System
Faulhaber's miniature drive control systems can be made to order for use for specific types of drive systems
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Computerised Maintenance Management Software for handheld capability
Techs4Biz Australia
Pervidi Computerised Maintenance Management Software offers a complete solution combining software and web portals with handheld device capability.
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The only body to authorise barcode numbers in Australia
GS1 Australia
Authorised GS1 Australia Barcode Numbers system has been set up to facilitate quick and efficient access to authorised barcode numbers. Orders are made online.
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Dependable and Easy to Program Micro Controllers from IDEC
MicroSmart Pentra Programmable Logic Controllers offer control systems with accurate performance and power
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Embedded Computer Systems
Switches Plus Components
Embedded Computer Systems are ideal for industrial and commercial purposes.
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The M24SR series
STMicroelectronics Pty Ltd
The M24SR series provides an NFC forum tag type 4 RF interface and supports the NFC data exchange format (NDEF).
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NI Wi-Fi and ethernet DAQ devices stream data in real time for easy to use, high performance remote measurements
National Instruments Aust & NZ
National Instruments Wi-Fi and Ethernet Data Acquisition (DAQ) devices are reliable and used for remote monitoring and measurements of various signals
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Intergrated with advanced Mini-ITX ARK-6320
High quality durable and compact Fanless Embedded Box PC's from Advantech innovation.
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Real-Time Spectrum Analysers
TekMark Australia
Make testing quicker and easier with TekMark's range of Tektronix spectrum analysers
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Industrial Grade Ethernet Equipment
Dewar Electronics
Lantech ethernet devices and equipment for commercial and industrial applications for high quality network systems
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