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What is an Industrial Computer?
An industrial computer is a PC that has been designed for rugged environments. This means that it can handle a few knocks here and there, and that the manufacturer has made the componentry to a specific standard and can meet a range of environmental conditions unsuitable for consumer-grade computers.

What sort of environments should an industrial computer be protected against? Temperature, dust, dirty and water are just a few of the conditions that an industrial computer should be able to work in without users having to worry if they are going to break down. Ingress Protection, or IP, standards such as IP65, IP66 and IP67 are used to alert users that their computer can handle industrial environments.

Componentry within an industrial computer will be ruggedised if it designed to withstand vibrations when installed in a ship or vehicle. This means the parts will be built to a much higher standard.

Finally, all industrial computers come with an imbedded operating system that can offer up to 15 years of use, which is different from consumer applications whereby the operating system needs to be upgraded every three or four years.
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Neousys POC-351VTC ultra compact in-vehicle PC
Supplier news
15/02/18 - Backplane Systems Technology presents a new range of ultra compact in-vehicle PCs from Neousys Technology.
USB-104-HUB Series
Supplier news
12/02/18 - Interworld Electronics has expanded their line of rugged USB hubs designed to work in harsh industrial and military application environments.
Crystal Group’s RS1.533S18G rugged 1.5U server
Supplier news
11/02/18 - Crystal Group introduces a new rugged 1.5U server designed to boost the performance, readiness and availability of essential military systems.
AcroPack Series AP226 and AP236 modules
Supplier news
31/01/18 - Acromag has expanded their AcroPack Series with the introduction of two new rugged modules, AP226 and AP236.
EL61-AUS 4G module
Supplier news
11/01/18 - ETM Pacific presents the ELS61-AUS, a 4G wireless module with Telstra network approval.
Digi WR31 2 port router
Supplier news
07/01/18 - The new Digi WR31 2 port router from ETM Pacific with Band 28 and 4GX compatibility is now available for immediate sale.
Digi WR31 2-port router
Supplier news
20/12/17 - The new Digi WR31 2-port router with 700MHz Band 28 is now available.
Emulation allows operators to mirror the interface of one or multiple in-line metal detectors onto networked devices
Supplier news
13/12/17 - New innovations in manufacturing technologies are providing organisations better visibility into their production processes.
Aplex’s ViPAC Series panel PC
Supplier news
13/12/17 - Backplane Systems Technology announces the release of a new range of panel PCs from Aplex Technologies designed to support all PC-based automation tasks.
HTB-100-HM170 fanless medical embedded PC
Supplier news
12/12/17 - ICP Electronics Australia introduces the new HTB-100-HM170 fanless Quad Core embedded medical PCs from iEi Integration.
IWS-6201-CE7 Windows CE based panel PC
Supplier news
10/12/17 - ICP Electronics Australia introduces a new range of panel PCs from ICP DAS featuring a rugged fanless design.
Sintrones ABOX-5000G1 GPU computing platform
Supplier news
10/12/17 - Backplane Systems Technology has released the new ABOX-5000G1 GPU computing platform from Sintrones.

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