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What is an Industrial Computer?
An industrial computer is a PC that has been designed for rugged environments. This means that it can handle a few knocks here and there, and that the manufacturer has made the componentry to a specific standard and can meet a range of environmental conditions unsuitable for consumer-grade computers.

What sort of environments should an industrial computer be protected against? Temperature, dust, dirty and water are just a few of the conditions that an industrial computer should be able to work in without users having to worry if they are going to break down. Ingress Protection, or IP, standards such as IP65, IP66 and IP67 are used to alert users that their computer can handle industrial environments.

Componentry within an industrial computer will be ruggedised if it designed to withstand vibrations when installed in a ship or vehicle. This means the parts will be built to a much higher standard.

Finally, all industrial computers come with an imbedded operating system that can offer up to 15 years of use, which is different from consumer applications whereby the operating system needs to be upgraded every three or four years.
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NextComputing incorporates next gen Intel processors
Supplier news
25/09/16 - NextComputing has recently announced the incorporation of Intel's newest Intel Core i7 processors into its work stations.
Rugged computer for demanding environments
Supplier news
24/09/16 - Crystal Group has introduced the RE1218M Rugged Embedded Computer, a robust performance processor that is engineered for high-end workstations.
 Panasonic unveils fully rugged detachable laptop
15/09/16 - Panasonic says its latest Toughbook 20 is the world’s first fully rugged detachable laptop.
Device security for the IIoT
11/09/16 - ​Icon Labs has released a new whitepaper focusing on device security for networked and web-connected equipment.
G20 summit agrees to forum monitoring China's pledge to cut steel oversupply
06/09/16 - The two-day Group of 20 leaders' summit has agreed to the creation of a "steel forum", which would monitor China's pledge to cutting its steel output
3rd Generation Family Business Worldpoly Shortlisted for Australian Technologies Competition Award
Supplier news
29/08/16 - Australian owned and run 3rd generation business Worldpoly is amongst 38 of Australia's leading technology companies short listed into the Australian
SpaceNet: CIA wants to use AI to "spy" on Earth
28/08/16 - CosmiQ Works, a firm closely linked to the CIA, has joined forces with Amazon, DigitalGlobe and NVIDIA to use artificial intelligence get a better view
US Supply Chain Management Institute to bring supply chain methods to Australia
23/08/16 - For the first time in Australia, LSC Solutions has partnered with US supply chain management institute (SCMi) to bring leading US supply chain management
Maintenance Management and safety in The Workplace
21/08/16 - An unmaintained piece of equipment is a dangerous one.
Ogura HRS-935 Cordless Hydraulic Lifting Cylinder
Supplier news
14/08/16 - The HRS-935 cordless hydraulic lifting cylinder is commonly used for industrial site work and factory based operations.
Whyalla tense as Arrium future remains uncertain
11/08/16 - The uncertain future of the Whyalla's main employer, the Arrium steelworks, continues to trouble the city, with a significant capital injection
Why the right type of racking can assist warehouse & logistics managers
Supplier news
10/08/16 - While the function of a material handling storage system designed to store materials on pallets may be similar among warehouse

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