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What is an Industrial Computer?
An industrial computer is a PC that has been designed for rugged environments. This means that it can handle a few knocks here and there, and that the manufacturer has made the componentry to a specific standard and can meet a range of environmental conditions unsuitable for consumer-grade computers.

What sort of environments should an industrial computer be protected against? Temperature, dust, dirty and water are just a few of the conditions that an industrial computer should be able to work in without users having to worry if they are going to break down. Ingress Protection, or IP, standards such as IP65, IP66 and IP67 are used to alert users that their computer can handle industrial environments.

Componentry within an industrial computer will be ruggedised if it designed to withstand vibrations when installed in a ship or vehicle. This means the parts will be built to a much higher standard.

Finally, all industrial computers come with an imbedded operating system that can offer up to 15 years of use, which is different from consumer applications whereby the operating system needs to be upgraded every three or four years.
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SINTRONES' new ABOX-5200 fanless box PC
Supplier news
11/11/18 - Backplane Systems Technology introduces a brand new ABOX-5200 fanless box computer from SINTRONES.
APLEX's ARCHMI Series fanless panel PCs
Supplier news
05/11/18 - The ARCHMI Series fanless computers have a flat bezel design that allows the user to perform gestures in the screen corner with zero obstacles.
AFOKAR-08A-RK39 in-vehicle panel PC
Supplier news
01/11/18 - ICP Electronics Australia introduces IEI's new AFOKAR-08A-RK39 in-vehicle panel PC series featuring a powerful but low energy Rockchip processor.
Winmate multi-touch M-Series HMI
Supplier news
30/10/18 - Backplane Systems Technology introduces Winmate's new modularised design M-Series HMI featuring Intel Kaby Lake processor.
Now as a standard feature: OPC UA simplifies the communication of industrial hardware with IT systems
Supplier news
28/10/18 - The new TBEN-L RFID module available from Turck Australia comes with an integrated OPC UA server.
Mustang-F100-A10 PCIe accelerator card
Supplier news
28/10/18 - ICP Electronics Australia introduces IEI Integration's new Mustang-F100-A10 high performance PCIe accelerator card, which supports the OpenVINO toolkit.
MPL's rugged fanless Xeon server solution
Supplier news
28/10/18 - Backplane Systems Technology introduces MPL's rugged fanless Xeon server solution featuring up to 16 cores.
iEi Integration's new KINO-DH110 Mini-ITX industrial single board computer
Supplier news
24/10/18 - ICP Electronics Australia introduces iEi Integration's new KINO-DH110 Mini-ITX industrial single board computers.
IBASE's new MI995 Mini-ITX motherboard
Supplier news
24/10/18 - Backplane Systems Technology introduces IBASE's new MI995 8th Gen Intel Xeon E/ Core i7/i5/i3 Mini-ITX motherboard with Intel CM246 PCH.
FLEX-BX200 AI ready box and panel PC solution
Supplier news
22/10/18 - ICP Electronics Australia introduces the new FLEX-BX200 AI ready box and panel PC solution by iEi Integration.
ABOX-5100 Series fanless box computer
Supplier news
21/10/18 - Backplane Systems Technology introduces the new ABOX-5100 Series from SINTRONES featuring AI GPU compute functionality.
FWA8800 high performance 1U rackmount network appliance
Supplier news
17/10/18 - Backplane Systems Technology introduces IBASE's new FWA8800 high performance 1U rackmount network appliance.

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