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Aussan L44D deodorising organic sanitiser
Supplier news
15/11/10 - Aussan deodorising organic sanitiser for odour control is food safe and people safe. It deodorises and sanitises at the same time and is made from natural biolavanoids, organic acid and essential oils
Aussan organic sanitiser for water treatment
Supplier news
12/11/10 - Aussan organic sanitiser is a complex of bioflavanoids and organic acids derived from fruit and vegetables which can be used to treat potable water for food processing and animal consumption.
Aussan Organic Disinfectant
Supplier news
12/11/10 - Aussan Organic Disinfectant is a food grade, 100% organic product which is certified with NASAA as an input for organic production/processing.
Mobile Dispensing Stations
Supplier news
03/11/10 - According to Spill Station Australia, Mobile Dispensing Stations are an effective way of safely moving and dispensing fluids from 205 litre drums.
Mono Compact ‘C’ Range Progressive Cavity Pumps
Supplier news
29/10/10 - Integrity Pumps and Engineering offers a range of base-mounted progressive cavity Mono Compact ‘C’ Range pumps for applications in sludge, wastewater and industrial transfer applications.
Supplier news
28/10/10 - Available from BOC, dissolved acetylene (CH2) fuel gases are hot and efficient, ensuring high levels of productivity.
Basil V R Greatrex
Supplier news
21/10/10 - Basil V R Greatrex distributes La-Co’s Bloc-It Heat Absorbing Pastes and Cool Gel Heat Barrier Sprays.
Basil V R Greatex  distributes Facot Chemicals innovative high quality chemicals
Supplier news
20/10/10 - Basil V R Greatex is Facot Chemicals'distributor, a leading manufacturer of innovative high quality chemicals widely used by plumbers, maintenance operators and installers worldwide.
Electric Parts Cleaner from CRC Industries
Supplier news
15/10/10 - Available now CRC Industries, Electrical Parts Cleaner is a quick drying, non-chlorinated solvent cleaner, designed for use on heavy electrical equipment.
The XDS Biodiesel Analyzer from FOSS
Supplier news
12/10/10 - The XDS Biodiesel Analyzer from FOSS belongs to a new generation FOSS NIR instruments designed for rapid non-destructive analysis of viscous and liquid samples.
Danisco's vitamins: helping food producers supplement their food products
Supplier news
17/09/10 - Dansico's vitamins are extracted from natural ingredients, made to help food producers add effective health benefits to their functional food products. The company's vitamins are divided into two grou
Danisco's antioxidants ranges: increasing the shelf-life and safety of food products
Supplier news
16/09/10 - Danisco's antioxidants range including natural extracts, phenolics and vitamin-based ingredients have been developed for the purpose of enhancing shelf-life and food saftey. The antioxidant ingredien

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