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Mercury contamination detection in industrial premises
Supplier news
09/11/11 - Ion Science MVI portable mercury detectors available in Australia from Air-Met Scientific Pty Ltd are designed to detect mercury sources in highly challenging environments.
PetroSpec QuickSpec Ethanol Purity Analyser by PAC
Supplier news
01/09/11 - Available from John Morris Scientific, PAC’s PetroSpec QuickSpec delivers simple, fast and accurate analysis of gasoline-grade ethanol in the field.
Simrad GD10PM combustible gas detector
Supplier news
29/07/11 - ProDetec offers a specialised range of combustible gas detectors designed for offshore installations and the mining industry.
FAST-ACT Toxic Chemical Spill Response Kit
Supplier news
29/06/11 - Enware Australia presents the FAST-ACT broad spectrum toxic chemical spill response kits.
Xanthan gums used by Chemtotal as additives
Supplier news
13/01/11 - Xanthan is a natural polymer used by Chemtotal as an additive in food, soil erosion control, oil-field applications, mining, etc..
Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide Control Systems available from Convergent Water Controls
Supplier news
10/12/10 - Convergent Water Controls introduces its accurate and configurable Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide Control Systems.
Liquid and powder repacking available from Chemical Solutions
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26/11/10 - Chemical Solutions can repack liquids and powders from any package into paper or plastic bags, polypropylene bulk bags, pails, buckets, drums and IBC's.
Supplier news
25/11/10 - The Ascon Pool Products AS2D/C2020 Series of salt-water chlorinators deliver an electronic efficient chlorine factory for any pool
Mercury Absorbent Spill Kits from Spill Station Australia
Supplier news
24/11/10 - The Mercury Absorbent Spill Kits have been designed to facilitate quick and easy cleaning of mercury spills from laboratories and medical equipment.
Food Grade Silicone, NSF rated HI, multi-purpose silicone sprays from CRC Industries
Supplier news
19/11/10 - CRC Industries (Australia) introduces the Food Grade Silicone, NSF rated HI, multi-purpose silicone sprays for food processing and handling applications.
CRC 808 Multi-purpose Silicone Sprays available from CRC Industries (Australia)
Supplier news
18/11/10 - The CRC 808 Multi-purpose Silicone Sprays are designed to provide a thin, durable, clear, odourless film that lubricates, protects and eliminates squeaking and binding caused by friction.
Alpha Chemicals talk chemicals
Supplier news
17/11/10 - Since commencing business over 50 years ago Alpha Chemicals has supplied a range of inorganic chemicals and organometallic compounds to a wide variety of domestic and international clientele.

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