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Safeline X-Ray systems from MPI Australia
Supplier news
22/10/10 - The Safeline X-Ray systems are designed to check for dense contamination in products that can pass along a conveyor in a continuous stream, i.e dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, spices, grain and rice
EC Size 5 and EC 13 sterilizable 50 Watt drives for medical applications from Maxon Motor Australia
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13/10/10 - Maxon Motor Australia has recently announced the introduction of two new sterilizable motors for use in high speed medical applications.
Innopas C series pasteurisers from KHS Pacific
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12/10/10 - The Innopas C series pasteurisers from KHS Pacific, provide maximum microbiological safety for products, containers, and caps.
Disposable Protective Clothing
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07/10/10 - RCR International Pty Ltd specialises in the supply of a wide range of disposable protective clothing products for use in diverse environments.
X-ray food inspection service
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30/09/10 - Applied Sorting Technologies provide an X-ray food inspection service to check products suspected of containing contaminants or to check packaged products which may have missing or damaged ingredients.
Vertical metal detectors can identify and remove contaminated items from production
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30/09/10 - Ideal for scale and bagger systems, Model THS/G vertical metal detectors from CEIA have been specifically designed to inspect loose materials that are transported in free-fall through tubes.
THS Standard metal detectors are used in food production applications
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28/09/10 - Available from CEIA, THS Standard metal detectors have been specifically designed to detect metal contaminants that may accidentally be present in food products.
X-Ray Inspection System
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22/09/10 - An X-ray inspection system from Accuweigh was recently hired by a dairy products supplier to locate potential metal contaminants in a large batch of packaged dairy products.
Danisco's antioxidants ranges: increasing the shelf-life and safety of food products
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16/09/10 - Danisco's antioxidants range including natural extracts, phenolics and vitamin-based ingredients have been developed for the purpose of enhancing shelf-life and food saftey. The antioxidant ingredien
Foodie Blues Vinyl Disposable Gloves
Supplier news
08/09/10 - RCR International Pty Ltd offers an extensive range of protective clothing and gloves certified by HACCP Australia as safe for use in food handling and manufacturing industries.
The iTag data logger for food temperature measurement, from ECEFast
Supplier news
19/05/10 - Now available from ECEFast, the TempSen iTag is a class of data logger characterised by very low unit costs and optimal ease of operation.
Supplier news
10/03/10 - Danisco has introduced HOWARU Bifido probiotic to the global market in an attempt to focus on boosting immune health in refrigerated juices.

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