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HD high Speed cameras
Blink Technology Australia
Photron high speed camera systems have become the trusted choice of leading research institutions worldwide, providing reliability and high performance for the most challenging imaging applications.
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Blink technology Australia specialises in high speed digital video systems. The company supplies a wide range of fast speed cameras, high light sensitive devices and applications suitable for a wide range of industries such as education, manufacturing, ...
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Phantom Miro M320S cameras can capture full HD up to 1540fps
Supplier news
08/08/12 - The latest development from Adept Turnkey's Vision Research Team, Phantom Miro M320S high speed/slow motion cameras feature advanced functionality, and yet easy to use.
Fastcam SA.5 high speed cameras
Supplier news
24/10/11 - Fastcam SA.5 high speed cameras, available from Blink Technology Australia, are built upon Photron's Emmy award winning high speed video camera success.
Fastcam MC2 high speed cameras are specifically designed for production line fault finding
Supplier news
11/08/11 - Available from Blink Technology Australia, the Fastcam MC2 is a high speed camera that has been specifically designed to quickly locate and fix costly faults on production lines.

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