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The Whirlaway Path Cleaner high pressure cleaner.
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31/03/11 - The Whirlaway Path Cleaner high pressure cleaner can reduce cleaning time by 75% and subsequently reduce costs, labour and water consumption.
Coil manufacturing systems at Spitwater.
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24/03/11 - Spitwater Australia have allowed approximately 100 nation-wide Spitwater dealers to observe their manufacturing processes including the manufacture of high pressure cleaners at their warehouse.
Aussie Pumps’ Adrian Fiatarone with an Aussie Ultra professional high pressure blaster bound for Queensland
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02/02/11 - Australian Pump Industries is working overtime to meet the extra demand for their high pressure water blasters for use in Queensland’s flood clean-up work.
High Pressure Water Cleaners
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21/01/11 - Spitwater High Pressure Water Cleaners have been designed as multipurpose solutions for washing, degreasing, descaling and disinfecting in commercial and industrial applications.
Aussie Pumps’ Adrian Fiatarone during final testing of the New Aussie Scud high pressure blaster
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20/12/10 - Australian Pump Industries has recently launched a new series of machines and accessories aimed at the world market.
Gerni Truck Boosters from Nilfisk-Alto
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09/11/10 - The Gerni Truck Boosters from Nilfisk-Alto are hot water stationary units that have been specifically designed for permanent placement outdoors.
G-Force 3540 hot water pressure washers
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20/09/10 - G-Force 3540 hot water pressure washers from Graco are intended for use in applications that require solid cleaning performance, effectively removing grease, oil and other heat reactive substances.
The Aussie Hurricane 5,000 psi industrial hydro blaster pressure cleaner has been upgraded to make it more robust and user friendly
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18/06/10 - Australian Pump Industries has released an upgraded version of the Aussie Hurricane 5,000 p.s.i. industrial hydro blaster pressure cleaner.
Spitwater Model 11-140P high pressure cleaners
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15/06/10 - Spitwater Model 11-140P is a commercial quality, cold water, petrol engine driven high pressure cleaner.
Aussie Raptor hydro blasters
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07/06/10 - An upgraded version of the Aussie Raptor 7,300 p.s.i. hydro blaster has been released by Australian Pump Industries.
High pressure water cleaners
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07/06/10 - Spitwater Australia's products include a complete range of commercial and industrial high pressure water cleaners.
BOSS 5000 jetters
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03/06/10 - This powerful jetter from The Jetters Edge has got even better, with the pump now driven with the new 28HP Honda engine with a built in hour meter.

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