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Ansell HyFlex 11-840 for effective hand protection and safety
Ansell Industrial Healthcare
Ansell’s industrial hand protection gloves provides high quality, superior performance and state-of-the-art comfort and fit.
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Large importer and supplier of industrial blades, razor blades, knives, safety knives, machine knives, scrapers, hand tools, measuring tapes, cutting tools, flooring tools, stanley blades, and HexArmor safety gloves, arm protection and body protection.
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Ansell supplies a range of protection products for hands and arms as well as safety work wear. Brands include Hy-Flex®, PowerFlex®, AlphaTec®, Vantage®, ChemTek™, Sol-Vex®, Virtex®,Touch N Tuff®, Polar Bear®, Sol-Knit™, Hy Care®, Projex™, ...
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Hunter Valley Workwear has been providing workwear and protective clothing for over 22 years. The product range includes Hi-Vis clothing, hearing and eye protection solutions, cotton drill clothing, rainwear clothing, safety footwear, non-slip footwear ...
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HexArmor Chrome Series Hi-Vis Safety Gloves
Supplier news
17/01/11 - HexArmor Chrome Series Hi-Vis Safety Gloves are a result of millions of dollars spent on perfecting technology and PPE designs.

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