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Tarapath is a distributor CAB, Fischer Electronics, ITECO, OLAMEF,VOGT AG, Zierick Inc.,CAVIST, OPTIMEL and Macromel. Large stock of spacers and PCB terminals.
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Established in 1996, Practical Control Solutions Pty Ltd (PCS) provide cost effective and economical solutions to industrial control requirements such as their control instrumentation products. Practical Control Solutions Pty Ltd design, build ...
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25/04/08 - Support Components offers electronic components from all over the world. Support Components is one of the leading independent distributors of electronic components to a wide variety of international and domestic customers including contract manufacturers, ...
PrimePACK power modules
Supplier news
19/06/07 - New PrimePACK modules of Infineon Technologies AG in the 1200V and 1700V voltage classes are up to 45 % lighter when compared to modules with the same power.
Low inductivity connector for 220kW-900 kW drives.
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21/12/04 - SEMIKRON has released the Semikube B6CI, a power electronics platform that supplies a standardised, compact, maintainable and flexible system for forced air-cooled inverters from 300A up to 1.55kA. It is the first platform developed by the newly-established ...
DIN-mounted Solitron relay.
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13/06/03 - NEW to NHP, the Solitron Series of solid state relays (SSR) from Carlo Gavazzi is suitable for switching up to 63A load and comes in a rating of 230V or 480V ac. The DIN-mounted Solitron is suitable for various switching applications such as heating ...

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