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Electric Heat Tracing Systems
Thermon Australia
For an innovative and economical way to ensure you have instant hot water when you need it try Therm
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Measure-Tech Australia provides test and tagging equipment. Products include: Portable Appliance Testers, Hand-held alternative PAT testers, Advisory System for Tired Drivers, COTRONICS high quality high temperature products, Test tags, Hand held digital ...
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Thermon Australia specialises in all forms of electric and steam heat tracing of pipes, storage tanks, hoppers, instrumentation lines and pipeline equipment.
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Celebrating 50 years in the heat tracing business
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04/10/16 - Thermon Australia has achieved a unique milestone in their growth story, having completed 50 years in the heat tracing business in Australia.
All Thermon resources can now be accessed on any mobile device
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27/05/15 - Thermon, a global heat tracing solutions company, announces that their website is now available on mobile devices.
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27/09/12 - Thermon is a specialist in manufacturing heat tracing products.
Thermon’s heat tracing solutions for the mining industry
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29/02/12 - Heat tracing solutions by Thermon Australia primarily find application in the mining industry in two distinct areas, mining and extraction as well as mineral processing.
Thermon Australia announces CompuTrace VT heat tracing software
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18/05/11 - CompuTrace VT heat tracing software from Thermon Australia is ideal for applications such as tank and vessel heating
ThermTrac Skin Effect Heat Tracing System
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05/05/11 - The ThermTrac skin effect heat tracing system available from Thermon Australia eliminates the need for an elaborate power distribution system in heat tracing applications on long pipelines.
Heat tracing systems from Thermon are used in marine and shipping applications
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24/02/11 - Thermon has designed heat tracing systems for freeze protection and temperature maintenance in the shipping industry.
Thermon offer design and engineering services
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11/06/10 - Thermon Australia maintains a highly trained staff of engineering personnel dedicated to serving the needs of their customers with design and engineering services.
FLX self-regulating heating cables protect against frost heave
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08/06/10 - Thermon Australia offer FLX self-regulating heating cables that are utilised to provide frost heave protection.
HSX self-regulating heating cables from Thermon
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24/05/10 - Now available from Thermon Australia, HSX heating cables are self regulating heating cables specifically designed to maintain hot water supply piping at the nominated maintenance temperatures.
FLX for pipe freeze protection self-regulating heating cables
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18/05/10 - FLX self-regulating heating cables, available from Thermon Australia are designed to provide freeze protection and temperature maintenance to metallic and nonmetallic pipes, tanks and equipment.
CompuTrace–IT design software designs the required electric heat tracing
Supplier news
22/04/10 - CompuTrace–IT is a helpful tool for projects that need steam or electric heating for instrument tubing and is available from Thermon Australia.

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