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Tubular Air Heaters from RCR Tomlinson
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31/03/09 - RCR Tomlinson manufactures tubular, indirect, industrial air heaters.
Spiratube tubular heat exchangers from Sepak Industries
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30/03/09 - The Sepak Industries Spiratube tubular heat exchangers incorporate corrugated tubes and other next generation profiles that increase fluid turbulence and rate of transfer of heat.
Platecoil prime surface plate heat exchangers from Tranter Heat Exchangers
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30/03/09 - Tranter Heat Exchanger’s Platecoil prime surface plate heat exchangers are fabricated from two sheets, one or both of which are embossed.
The Tranter Superchanger plate and frame heat exchanger is available
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27/03/09 - Tranter Heat Exchangers’ Superchanger heat exchanger has been engineered to transfer heat from liquid to liquid or from steam to liquid.
High efficiency heat exchangers from Sepak Industries
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27/03/09 - Sepak Industries offer a range of high efficiency heat exchangers.
Dynacool air cooled heat exchanger
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27/03/09 - OEM Dynamics manufacture Dynacool air cooled heat exchangers. These ‘Big Air’ air cooled heat exchangers are used for mining applications, conveyor drives, gas turbines, large multiple pump drives and lubrication oil cooling.
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25/03/09 - Tranter, formerly Swep, is a global manufacturer of gasketed and welded plate heat exchangers for use in a wide variety of industries
Smartflow flow regulator
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24/03/09 - The new Smartflow flow regulators, available from Tasman Machinery, are a range of quality manually adjustable needle valve flow meters. Flow regulators are recommended for injection moulding processors to allow them to quickly regulate water flow to ...
Mixquip Top Entry Agitator
Supplier news
24/02/09 - Mixquip, a division of Teralba Industries Fluid Process equipment, have released a new Mixquip Top Entry Agitator that incorporates IP66 drive assembly and stainless steel construction to meet the inc
Marine WM series water cooled heat exchanger
Supplier news
17/02/09 - OEM Dynamics will supply heat exchanger to assist the “Virgin Money” Atlantic crossing speed record challenge. The recent world record challenge, to be the fastest yacht to cross the Atlantic, was ass
New EZ-ZONE RM multi-loop integrated controller available from Watlow
Supplier news
11/02/09 - Watlow, manufacturers of electric heaters, controllers and temperature sensors, have introduced the EZ-ZONE RM – a configurable multi-loop temperature/process controller. The EZ-ZONE RM is the first i
The Schroff outdoor cabinet
Supplier news
17/12/08 - Schroff outdoor cabinets, available from Dedicated Systems Australia, ensure the smooth and dependable functioning of sensitive electronics in outdoor environments. Schroff’s standardised components are based on IEC 61969. They not only fulfil the guidelines ...

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