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CWIS Cooling Water Isolation Skids
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25/10/10 - Model CWIS Cooling Water Isolation Skids from Duff & MacIntosh minimize sample cooler fouling and temperature variability of open-loop cooling water.
Heat exchangers
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22/10/10 - Emmegi heat exchangers from Brevini Australia are suitable for cooling down hydraulic fluids in machinery that operate constantly in severe conditions.
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08/10/10 - Tranter replacement heat exchanger parts and maintenance services predominantly consist of cleaning and regasketing heat exchanger plates, restoring them to peak efficiency.
Spiral Heat Exchangers
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06/10/10 - The Spiral Heat Exchangers add to the Tranter range of fully welded and semi welded shell and plate heat exchangers.
Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers
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05/10/10 - Customised gasketed plate heat exchangers can be configured to suit a variety of requirements and applications.
Plate Heat Exchangers
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04/10/10 - Tranter Heat Exchangers Pty Ltd (Formerly Swep) offers a range of fully welded and semi welded shell and plate heat exchangers, including the Platecoil heat exchangers.
Tube heat exchangers
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30/09/10 - Tube heat exchangers from Hipex are rugged and flexible, and can be produced in sizes and styles to suit any heating or cooling needs, especially where steam is the heating medium.
ClimaGuard outdoor heat exchangers
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28/09/10 - Available from Bertech Industrial Environments, the new ClimaGuard outdoor heat exchanger from McLean Cooling Technology is designed to provide closed-loop cooling to electronic equipment cabinets.
Taco series Heat Motor Zone Valves for hydronic heating systems
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10/09/10 - Now available from Kroll Heaters Australia, Taco Heat Motor Zone Valves provide a convenient way to create individual zones or equipment isolation in hydronic heating systems.
Taco LoFlo Injection Hydronic Mixing Block
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09/09/10 - Now available from Kroll Heaters Australia, Taco LoFlo Hydronic Mixing Blocks can be used in heating and cooling systems to significantly reduce the flow of water.
Water-to-Water Heat Exchangers
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16/08/10 - Compact reliable heat exchangers from Rheology Solutions provide a low energy and efficient way to remove heat from water-cooled applications.
Dimpleflo Modular Heat Exchanger system
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09/08/10 - In the face of ever-increasing energy costs, many manufacturers and service providers are utilising Australian made Dimpleflo Modular Heat Exchangers to recover energy from hot product or effluent.

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