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Health and Safety – protecting the workforce
In an ideal world there would be no accidents or issues involving health and safety in the workplace. However, reducing the risks not only makes business sense, but there is legislation at both federal and state level that incorporates health and safety in the workplace.

Injuries and medical conditions that staff can incur within industrial environments include fatigue, falls, sprains, strains, trips, machine entanglements, stress and mental health issues.

A lot of these complaints can be alleviated by having occupational health and safety strategies in place. A key ingredient in this equation is making sure workers have access to the latest, compliant equipment – this includes fluoro gear, boots, hard hats, gloves, goggles, slip-resistant mats and a range of other equipment.

If you have the correct strategies and equipment in place for the health and safety of workers expect to find improvements in productivity and downtime, as well as a reduction in staff absenteeism.
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Alex Griffiths checks CO2 levels with the gas detector from Kennards Lift & Shift
Supplier news
01/08/16 - A gas detector hired from Kennards Lift & Shift protected workers installing steel platforms in an electrical services shaft at Star City Casino.
Rubbish Chute Hire from Kennards Lift & Shift
Supplier news
01/08/16 - Kennards Lift & Shift specialises in the supply and installation of a range of material handling systems and safety systems for commercial environments.
The mini-conveyor system in use on Bowen Mountain
Supplier news
31/07/16 - Mini-conveyor system, hired from Kennards Lift and Shift, moved 27 tonne of building materials down a steep, rugged home site in less than nine hours.
A generator is lowered from the mezzanine and Super props provide temporary support
Supplier news
31/07/16 - Four 10-tonne chain blocks, suspended within a hydraulic gantry system, were used to remove three large motor generators from a difficult site.
New skoots from Kennards Lift and Shift lift up to five tonne
Supplier news
31/07/16 - Heavy and bulky machinery weighing up to five tonnes can be moved safely and economically with new skoots.
The tile elevator
Supplier news
31/07/16 - A tile elevator from specialist equipment hire company, Kennards Lift and Shift, made a roof renovation job easy.
Beam lifts
Supplier news
31/07/16 - Kennards Lift and Shift offer a new hoist for lifting steel beams during construction of houses, unit blocks and factory complexes.
Draeger Saver air breathing rescue kit
Supplier news
28/07/16 - Kennards Lift and Shift has introduced Draeger Saver air breathing rescue kits
Kennards Lift & Shift introduces portable conveyor system
Supplier news
27/07/16 - Specialist equipment hire company, Kennards Lift & Shift, has introduced a new, much-improved portable conveyor system.
Hiring lifts burden
Supplier news
27/07/16 - Lifting equipment is often costly to buy and maintain, so hire and rental can present a more economic alternative.
Alemlube Beka Max Auto Greasing Systems for Construction Machines
Supplier news
18/07/16 - The Beka Max greasing system from Alemlube saves hours of labour each week.
Alemlube Beka Max Auto Greasing Systems for Truck Chassis
Supplier news
18/07/16 - Greasing a truck chassis ensures components move freely in clean fresh grease, and it flushes contaminants out of the bearing.

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