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Health and Safety – protecting the workforce
In an ideal world there would be no accidents or issues involving health and safety in the workplace. However, reducing the risks not only makes business sense, but there is legislation at both federal and state level that incorporates health and safety in the workplace.

Injuries and medical conditions that staff can incur within industrial environments include fatigue, falls, sprains, strains, trips, machine entanglements, stress and mental health issues.

A lot of these complaints can be alleviated by having occupational health and safety strategies in place. A key ingredient in this equation is making sure workers have access to the latest, compliant equipment – this includes fluoro gear, boots, hard hats, gloves, goggles, slip-resistant mats and a range of other equipment.

If you have the correct strategies and equipment in place for the health and safety of workers expect to find improvements in productivity and downtime, as well as a reduction in staff absenteeism.
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ATDC’s S08 security screens accommodate a tight curved radius
Supplier news
14/02/18 - Stylish curved security screens were fitted in a countertop application at the Rydges Sails Resort in Port Macquarie.
Safety concepts and the ability to adapt to the future are requirements for safety solutions when it comes to Industry 4.0
Supplier news
11/02/18 - By automating, integrating, and networking processes, implementing Industry 4.0 opens up a whole new level of flexibility and transparency in production.
GasAlarm’s air tester kit
Supplier news
05/02/18 - Alvi Technologies announces a new exchange offer from GasAlarm for air tester kits.
Euchner’s CTP series safety switch
Supplier news
31/01/18 - Treotham presents a range of safety switches from Euchner designed for greater reliability as well as versatility.
The new ISO standard provides a framework to improve conditions and employee safety in the workplace by reducing possible risks
Supplier news
29/01/18 - The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a new standard, ISO 45001 to help prevent accidents at the workplace.
The range of gravity grease separators from ACO now includes 3,000L, 4,000L and 5,000L units
28/01/18 - ACO Pty Ltd has extended their range of in-ground gravity grease separators simplifying the management of wastewater in commercial kitchen applications.
Pervidi Farm Inspection
Supplier news
24/01/18 - Farm inspections are necessary for farm buildings, structures and machinery among others.
EXAIR’s atomising spray nozzle
Supplier news
04/01/18 - EXAIR has introduced a new atomising spray nozzle offering 360-degree coverage in a versatile range of applications.
A recent installation at a new BWS store in Chadstone, Victoria
Supplier news
06/12/17 - The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) is the preferred supplier of portable fencing to the BWS liquor group across Australia.
CTP BI safety switch
Supplier news
27/11/17 - Treotham introduces a new safety switch from Euchner featuring an additional bistable locking function.
Storage Ideas
Supplier news
09/11/17 - For an employer, the safety and security of their workers is a top priority.
Tobin Transport Bottles
Supplier news
01/11/17 - Enware Australia has added a new eyewash system to their range of portable safety solutions.

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