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Health and Safety – protecting the workforce
In an ideal world there would be no accidents or issues involving health and safety in the workplace. However, reducing the risks not only makes business sense, but there is legislation at both federal and state level that incorporates health and safety in the workplace.

Injuries and medical conditions that staff can incur within industrial environments include fatigue, falls, sprains, strains, trips, machine entanglements, stress and mental health issues.

A lot of these complaints can be alleviated by having occupational health and safety strategies in place. A key ingredient in this equation is making sure workers have access to the latest, compliant equipment – this includes fluoro gear, boots, hard hats, gloves, goggles, slip-resistant mats and a range of other equipment.

If you have the correct strategies and equipment in place for the health and safety of workers expect to find improvements in productivity and downtime, as well as a reduction in staff absenteeism.
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Presence sensing systems such as safety light curtains and safety scanners should be used when physical guards are not suitable.
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08/01/14 - The challenge is to continue to improve existing safety of machinery and, as technology develops, to manage new safety hazards.
Ranger begins acid leak clean-up
11/12/13 - Clean-up operations are well underway at ERA's Ranger mine in the Northern Territory following an acidic radioactive slurry spill on Saturday.
Mt Lyell operations suspended until further notice
11/12/13 - Production remains on hold at Copper Mines of Tasmania’s Mount Lyell operation, following the death of two workers on Monday.
The jury must look at why Falder entered the industrial cooker.
10/12/13 - A UK worker died when he became locked in industrial steam pressure cooker which reaches temperatures of 145 C when operating, an inquest has heard.
Traumatised workers receive counselling following contractor fatality
06/12/13 - Counselling efforts are continuing at GlencoreXstrata’s Ravensworth open cut mine following a fatal accident on site over the weekend.
Fire ants have been found at a QLD industrial site.
04/12/13 - Biosecurity Queensland (BQ) will attempt to rid an industrial site in Yarwun of an infestation of deadly fire ants this week.
The coverall is designed specifically for jobs where there are specifically hot frontal hazard exposures.
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28/11/13 - DuPont has launched the Tyvek coverall, designed specifically for hot environments and for jobs where there are specifically frontal hazard exposures.
Implementing process safety starts in the Boardroom
28/11/13 - Boards who do not focus on process safety are potentially taking a gamble with the survival of their business.
Workplace injuries at Tesla in California.
14/11/13 - Three workers were injured in an industrial accident at the Tesla Motors factory in Fremont, California yesterday.
How safe are your workers? Five steps to take when choosing safe PPE
14/11/13 - Standards certifier SAI Global is urging employers and site managers to evaluate the effectiveness of their personal protection equipment.
Phone found in injured driver's truck
13/11/13 - It is understood a mobile phone has been uncovered from the wreck of a haul truck involved in the accident on FMG's Christmas Creek site last month.
Worker injured at shipyard
12/11/13 - A worker has been seriously injured at a shipyard this morning in Henderson, Western Australia.

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