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Health and Safety – protecting the workforce
In an ideal world there would be no accidents or issues involving health and safety in the workplace. However, reducing the risks not only makes business sense, but there is legislation at both federal and state level that incorporates health and safety in the workplace.

Injuries and medical conditions that staff can incur within industrial environments include fatigue, falls, sprains, strains, trips, machine entanglements, stress and mental health issues.

A lot of these complaints can be alleviated by having occupational health and safety strategies in place. A key ingredient in this equation is making sure workers have access to the latest, compliant equipment – this includes fluoro gear, boots, hard hats, gloves, goggles, slip-resistant mats and a range of other equipment.

If you have the correct strategies and equipment in place for the health and safety of workers expect to find improvements in productivity and downtime, as well as a reduction in staff absenteeism.
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Lifelong learning from Hydac
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Eragel Providing Comfort
Supplier news
16/06/19 - Era Polymers Eragel ZR & MZR are soft polyurethane gels suitable for a variety of applications providing comfort and reducing strain on the body!
Urethane Coatings – Not Just for Timber Floors!
Supplier news
16/06/19 - Urethane Coatings – Not Just for Timber Floors!
Allegro 1001
Supplier news
22/05/19 - 1001 Cleaning wipes – Best Performance, Lowest Cost
Clear polycarbonate machine guard
Supplier news
08/10/18 - Workplace safety is an important issue, especially in industrial environments with operational machinery.
Safe Tire Curing Solutions is a solution for protecting the hazardous area of tire curing machines
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28/08/18 - SICK provides the tools for customers to make ambitious modernisation projects a reality.
Interaction between humans and machines is set to increase in industrial manufacturing
Supplier news
26/08/18 - Human-robot collaboration (HRC) describes an environment where humans and automated machines share and work in the same workspace at the same time.
The inspection of a machine and plant, as per the preceding machine safeguarding evaluation, is a detailed test of an individual protective device, which is derived from the requirements of the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health
Supplier news
24/08/18 - SICK has established itself as the first port of call when it comes to industrial safety technology.
Testo's measurement technology covers all tasks in facility management
Supplier news
20/05/18 - Facility management is a specialised field and it requires the right balance of skills and tools to keep a building running optimally.
ATDC safety barriers at LVMH’s Sydney warehouse
Supplier news
17/05/18 - Safety barriers from The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) were selected for installation at the Sydney warehouse of LVMH.
Bright yellow boots aid safety and can save lives!
Supplier news
30/04/18 - Australian Pump Industries announces the release of their 500 bar (7,300 psi) safety boots in a new high vis yellow colour.
Stainless steel CTP safety switch
Supplier news
19/04/18 - Treotham introduces a new range of robust safety switches from Euchner for use in packaging and food industries.

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