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GE Aria universal polyester enclosures
Supplier news
11/11/10 - Now offered by IPD Industrial Products, GE Aria universal polyester enclosures are environmentally sealed, providing maintenance free performance and strong corrosion resistant properties.
Bulkibox dangerous goods containers are also suitable for use a onsite storage tanks
Supplier news
01/11/10 - Available from H2O Rx / Chemical System Consulting, Bulkibox containers are specifically designed for the safe transportation of dangerous goods.
Hazbox dangerous goods cubic containers are ideal for use in chemical and pharmaceutical industries
Supplier news
18/10/10 - Available from CHEP Australia, Hazbox dangerous goods cubic containers have a 1000 litre capacity and are fully Australian tested and UN approved.
CEVA’s hazardous goods handling intermediate bulk containers
Supplier news
08/10/10 - CEVA’s hazardous goods handling intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are an efficient and safe option to handle Packaging Groups II and III hazardous and dangerous goods.
Mercsorb mercury absorbents are available in kit form
Supplier news
04/10/10 - Mercsorb from Prenco Environmental Spill Control is a specific amalgamation mercury absorbent powder that has been specifically designed for controlling mercury spills.
FJB series hazardous area enclosures
Supplier news
15/09/10 - Supplied by B&R Enclosures, the FTBA series of hazardous area enclosures has been designed for use in hazardous areas with the most demanding conditions.
Dangerous goods containers
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03/05/10 - Dangerous goods containers from Price and Speed Containers are new purpose built containers designed to conform with Australian safety legislation.
1000 Litre dangerous goods container
Supplier news
25/11/09 - The 1,000 litre dangerous goods approved container, from Schaefer Store is suitable for a range of chemicals.
flammable and corrosive goods storage cabinets
Supplier news
16/09/09 - Safety product specialist Actisafe has designed a flammable and corrosive goods storage cabinet that is suitable for all sectors.
The RJB11S Control Stations
Supplier news
26/08/09 - The RJB11S Control Stations are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.
Drive over bunding
Supplier news
24/07/09 - Available from Spill Station Australia, drive over bunding provides an efficient way of making sure that chemicals do not leave workshops or warehouses.
On-site care service for first aid kits
Supplier news
17/04/09 - A properly stocked and serviced first aid kit is an essential in every workplace. In an emergency employees do not want to be caught without vital first aid on hand.

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