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Bowen Group's corrosive substance safety storage cabinets are built to withstand Class 8 corrosive substances
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28/11/12 - In the second part of this series, we look at products and services listed on Ferret.com.au that can assist business owners in reducing worker exposure to hazardous chemicals.
Bowen Group's flammable safety cabinets feature high strength perforated shelves
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14/06/12 - Bowen Group now stocks flammable safety cabinets that comply with the required Australian Standards for the storage of dangerous goods.
Chubb drug cabinets from Safes Galore for the safe storage of prescription drugs
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11/05/12 - Chubb drug cabinets from Safes Galore meet Australian health and pharmaceutical specifications.
Designed to minimalise vandalism.
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11/04/12 - The Field FC enclosure is designed to protect electronic equipment in outdoor or isolated locations. It has an IP66 protection rating and features specifically to minimise vandalism.
Schaefer Store's flammable safety storage cabinets are fire tested to comply with the FM rating
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26/03/12 - Flammable safety storage cabinets supplied by Schaefer Store provide a safe, secure and time saving means to store all types of dangerous chemicals, eliminating the risks of off site storage.
Dual compartments in these corrosive substances storage cabinets allow dangerous goods and substances such as acids and bases to be stored separately
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24/02/12 - Corrosive substance storage cabinets from Bowen Group feature high quality construction, making them ideal for storing even the most highly concentrated Class 8 Corrosive substances.
Lubestation lubricant stations are supplied complete and ready to load, connect supply items and connect compressed air
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05/12/11 - Lubricant stations from Tradesales are ideal for use in the mining and manufacturing industries for the relocatable storage of hydrocarbons.
Super Series dangerous goods storage cabinets include a drain plug to sump for the safe disposal of spills
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14/09/11 - Bowen Group now offers a complete range of Super Series large capacity dangerous goods storage cabinets for the storage of dangerous goods in applications that require higher storage volumes.
Storemasta gas cylinder enclosures are available in capacities of 4, 6 or 12 cylinders
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06/09/11 - A new range of Storemasta gas cylinder enclosures is now available from Bowen Group, offering a reliable solution for the storage of LPG cylinders that ensures compliance with OHS regulations.
 SC250 dangerous goods cabinets have a maximum capacity of 250 litres
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18/07/11 - Bowen Group’s new dangerous goods storage cabinets are designed for the safe storage of flammable liquids in accordance with Australian Standards (AS1940-2004).
Storemasta aerosol storage cabinets are lockable, and feature a durable green powder coated finish
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04/07/11 - Now supplied by Bowen Group, Storemasta aerosol storage cabinets are an economical and innovative solution for storing all types of aerosols.
Dangerous goods storage cabinets from Bowen Group are available in a range of capacities
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06/06/11 - Bowen Group now offers a range of internal dangerous goods safety cabinets that assist in ensuring that storage of dangerous substances is fully compliant with Australian Standards.

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