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The Ectane 2 improves on the multi-technology Ectane® instrument; this is the next generation of surface array and tube inspection test instruments.
Whatever industry you’re in, you can rely on our non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment to ensure that your processes and equipment operate safely.
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Portable Hardness Testers from Testequip
Portable hardness testers are portable electric measurement systems that can accurately measure the hardness of a material
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Advanced automation Vickers Hardness Tester Tukon 2500 K/V for in depth analysis and reporting
Hylec Controls
High performance Hardness Testers with advanced technology to ensure accurate results.
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Nexxis is an Australian owned technical equipment and technologies rental, sales and leasing company. They supply state-of-the-art Inspection Cameras (RVI), Non Destructive Testing (NDT) ultrasonic equipment, Instrumentation and Measurement and Alignment ...
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Hylec Controls specialise in material, dynamic and multi channel testing equipment, servo-actuators and systems, electric and hydraulic shakers, package testing, environmental chambers and production leak testing.
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Testequip are suppliers of all types of inspection, measurement, NDT and materials testing equipment, specialising in supplying and sourcing a range of high technological and scientific equipment. Products include abrasion testers, coating thickness, ...
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The new portable hardness tester equips users with greater capabilities
Supplier news
19/11/18 - Hardness testing instruments have been in use for more than a century to measure the strength of metallic materials and hardness of their surface finish.
Proceq’s new Equotip 550 portable hardness tester
Supplier news
19/03/15 - Russell Fraser Sales announces the launch of a new generation of portable hardness testers from Proceq.
NanoVea N3 line for automated nano-indentation
Supplier news
28/08/14 - Scitech introduces the new N3 line of material measurement instruments from NanoVea, dedicated to providing high-end measurement technology to the market.
TH-172 TIME Portable Hardness Tester
Supplier news
12/09/11 - Testequip presents the TH-172 TIME C integrated portable hardness testers, which are ideally used on thinner metal thicknesses.
Shore A or D Durometer Test Block Kit
Supplier news
31/08/11 - Testequip introduces the Shore A or D Durometer Test Block Kits as part of their durometer range.
Newly updated TH-170 portable hardness tester
Supplier news
18/08/11 - Testequip’s TH-170 portable hardness tester has now been updated with advanced features, following the Leebs principle.
Hylec Controls Nanovea Platform and Compact Base indentation Hardness Testers
Supplier news
18/05/11 - Hylec Controls' Nanovea Platform and Compact Base Hardness Testers come with an image pattern recognition software option
Wolpert UH930 universal hardness tester
Supplier news
15/02/11 - Available now from Hylec Controls, the Wolpert UH930 is a universal hardness tester that displays hardness values for all common hardness test procedures.

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