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Handheld Particle Counters

Particle Counters and Laboratory Solutions from Kenelec Scientific
Kenelec Scientific
Particle counters and testing equipment for monitoring your environment, meeting ultimate hygiene and sanitisation
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Testequip are suppliers of all types of inspection, measurement, NDT and materials testing equipment, specialising in supplying and sourcing a range of high technological and scientific equipment. Products include abrasion testers, coating thickness, ...
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Kenelec Scientific was established in 1962 and has been one of the leading and longest serving scientific and environmental technology companies in Australia today. Kenelec Scientific are recognised in the industry for their innovative ...
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Particle and Surface Sciences provide Scientific Instruments for particle characterisation services to research, industrial and pharmaceutical companies. PsS Also offers Laboratory services and technical advice.
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Particles Plus 8303 handheld particle counter
Supplier news
03/09/14 - The new Particles Plus 8303 handheld particle counters from Particle & Surface Sciences are designed for simple configuration and intuitive operation.
Particles Plus 5301 remote particle counter
Supplier news
19/07/14 - PSS announces the release of their latest range of remote particle counters designed for simple integration into automation systems.
Particles Plus 8206 handheld particle counter
Supplier news
30/06/14 - Particle & Surface Sciences has introduced a new handheld particle counter offering simple configuration and designed for cleanroom monitoring.
Supplier news
06/06/12 - The Spectrex PC-2300 laser particle counter is now available from Novasys Group.
Fluke 985 airborne particle counters can detect particles within a range of 0.3 µm - 10 µm
Supplier news
08/05/12 - Fluke Australia's 985 airborne particle counters are highly accurate devices designed for measuring airborne particles in order to troubleshoot and monitor indoor air quality.
Lighthouse Range of Cleanroom Monitoring Instrumentation
Supplier news
07/02/11 - Particle & Surface Sciences introduces a range of instruments by Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions designed specifically for cleanroom monitoring applications.
Lighthouse 3016 IAQ Handheld Particle Counter
Supplier news
17/09/10 - The Lighthouse 3016 IAQ particle counter available from Particle & Surface Sciences is one of the most advanced handheld particle counters on the market.
Handheld laser particle counters
Supplier news
31/08/10 - Particle & Surface Sciences has made available Lighthouse manufactured SOLAIR 3100 and 5100 handheld laser particle counters, which utilise the latest in optical particle counting technology.
Handheld 3013 Particle Counter
Supplier news
28/07/10 - The Handheld 3013 from Particle & Surface Sciences is Lighthouse’s newest handheld particle counter and designed for use in indoor air quality investigations.
Particle and Surface Sciences distribute the Lighthouse Handheld 3016 IAQ particle counter
Supplier news
02/07/09 - Particle and Surface Sciences distribute the Lighthouse HANDHELD 3016 IAQ throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Kanomax model 3887 handheld laser particle counter
Supplier news
17/10/06 - The Kanomax model 3887 handheld laser particle counter is designed to be portable and easy to use. The Kanomax model 3887 handheld laser particle counter measures 3 particle sizes simultaneously (0.3, 0.5, 5.0 µm) in cf or m³.

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