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Safety Tips For Power Tools
Power tools are a man’s best friend. They save time, offer accuracy when being used and make life easy whether you use them as part of your everyday job or DIY project. However, they can also be an occupational hazard if not handled properly. Here are some quick tips on how to make sure you make the most of your power tools without compromising safety.

Never carry a tool by its power cord or hose (if one is attached). This will eventually have a negative impact on the integrity of the connection between the tool and the cord/hose.

Never yank a cord to disconnect
Again, as with handling, this will affect the integrity of the power cord or hose. It will also have a negative impact on the power socket and tool’s plug.

Solid footing
Make sure you are on solid footing when using a power tool. This includes when climbing ladders or on scaffolds. Also make sure the floor is not slippery. If there has been a spillage in the work area, make sure it is cleaned up before using the power tool.
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HSC series swager
Supplier news
21/03/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment presents the ARM Sangyo HSC-600 and HSC-600BB swagers designed to cut and swage wire rope material with ease for factory or on-site operations.
AMTIL’s CEO Shane Infanti (middle) always uses the opportunity of the annual AUSTECH exhibition to connect government with local manufacturers
Supplier news
11/03/13 - The Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL) supports its members in their efforts to find and apply for relevant grants.
ARM Sangyo 16mm rebar cutter
Supplier news
11/03/13 - The ARM Sangyo rebar cutters available from Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment are part of a range of hydraulic tools designed for cutting and swaging applications.
Edilgrappa MU 16D portable rebar cutter
Supplier news
08/03/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment introduces a new range of portable rebar cutters from Italian manufacturer Edilgrappa.
Edilgrappa interchangeable MU22/T22 rebar cutter
Supplier news
04/03/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment presents Edilgrappa's Model MU22/T22 hydraulic rebar cutters with an interchangeable head.
Edilgrappa RD 8-20 cordless wire straightener
Supplier news
01/03/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment introduces a new range of cordless bar and cable straighteners from Edilgrappa of Italy.
Ogura’s HBC-225 rebar cutter
Supplier news
27/02/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment presents Ogura’s HBC-225 rebar cutters fitted with a safety guard to meet OH&S compliance requirements.
Edilgrappa MU16 container seal cutter
Supplier news
25/02/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment introduces a new cordless container seal cutter from Edilgrappa.
Edilgrappa Silvercut 16 high tensile rebar cutter
Supplier news
21/02/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment presents Silvercut 16 high tensile rebar cutters from Edilgrappa.
One of the products on display at the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association event
Supplier news
21/02/13 - Traxx Construction Products plans to display a host of new products at the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association Demo Day and Convention.
TrueCoat Pro-X II handheld sprayer
Supplier news
15/02/13 - Graco presents the second generation of their popular range of handheld sprayers designed for small jobs and touch-ups.
Graco XForce HD cordless airless sprayer
Supplier news
14/02/13 - Graco has designed a new range of cordless airless sprayers for protective and marine coatings.

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