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Safety Tips For Power Tools
Power tools are a man’s best friend. They save time, offer accuracy when being used and make life easy whether you use them as part of your everyday job or DIY project. However, they can also be an occupational hazard if not handled properly. Here are some quick tips on how to make sure you make the most of your power tools without compromising safety.

Never carry a tool by its power cord or hose (if one is attached). This will eventually have a negative impact on the integrity of the connection between the tool and the cord/hose.

Never yank a cord to disconnect
Again, as with handling, this will affect the integrity of the power cord or hose. It will also have a negative impact on the power socket and tool’s plug.

Solid footing
Make sure you are on solid footing when using a power tool. This includes when climbing ladders or on scaffolds. Also make sure the floor is not slippery. If there has been a spillage in the work area, make sure it is cleaned up before using the power tool.
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New High-Density Signal Conditioning Modules Offer Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Configuration of I/O Ranges and Alarms
Supplier news
11/07/16 - Miniature isolated analogue I/O modules are available with fixed or user-defined I/O ranges
Kennards Hire Rail -Gold Sponsor of Australasian Rail Industry Awards 2016
Supplier news
05/07/16 - Kennards Hire Rail is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the 2016 Australasian Rail Industry Awards. The awards are to be held on Thursday 7 July 2016
Mobile crane for both indoor and outdoor use
27/06/16 - Konecranes has mounted its popular CXT electric overhead travelling crane on a steel frame and two standard ISO shipping containers to create a powerful
Industrial gear boxes suitable for food & beverage makers
22/06/16 - Regal Australia has introduced its range of Marathon Gearboxes, suitable for industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, water,chemical
Growing use of very large lithium-ion batteries
20/06/16 - The use of very large lithium-ion battery packs has become increasingly common, much more so than it was ten years ago.
AS4024 Compliant Modular Safety Fencing
Supplier news
14/06/16 - Satech offer a perimeter guarding solution that meets the required international standards for correct implementation of a fixed or removable safety guard.
Turn your construction site into a well-oiled, productive machine
Supplier news
13/06/16 - Construction sites can be loud, busy, and very risky.
Low-cost, compact industrial firewall
25/05/16 - Icon Labs, a provider of embedded networking and security technologies, has announced the availability of the Floodgate Defender firewall appliance.
Ammeraal Beltech acquires distribution partner Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co.
Supplier news
16/05/16 - ​Ammeraal Beltech acquired its long-standing Australian distribution partner Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co.
Kennards Hire Continues to Grow in WA
Supplier news
15/05/16 - Kennard Hire's first branch in WA opened in 2000 in the suburb of Cannington. 16 years on, they have 17 branches to make their customers job easy.
Light, tough tool holders for cherry pickers engineered for high safety and efficiency
11/05/16 - Light and tool high density polyethylene (HDPE) tool holders are being engineered by Cut To Size Products for enhanced convenience and avoidance of injury
General Dynamics R8000C RF Communications Analyser
Supplier news
26/04/16 - Measurement Innovation is currently offering the General Dynamics R8000 Communications Systems Analyser 250kHZ to 1GHz with free delivery when you purchase

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