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Edilgrappa MU16 container seal cutter
Supplier news
25/02/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment introduces a new cordless container seal cutter from Edilgrappa.
Edilgrappa Silvercut 16 high tensile rebar cutter
Supplier news
21/02/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment presents Silvercut 16 high tensile rebar cutters from Edilgrappa.
TrueCoat Pro-X II handheld sprayer
Supplier news
15/02/13 - Graco presents the second generation of their popular range of handheld sprayers designed for small jobs and touch-ups.
Graco XForce HD cordless airless sprayer
Supplier news
14/02/13 - Graco has designed a new range of cordless airless sprayers for protective and marine coatings.
Edilgrappa combo MU22 rebar cutter and bender
Supplier news
07/02/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment presents Edilgrappa's Model MU-22 combo series hydraulic rebar cutter and bender.
MAER’s WM500 TC rotary cutter
Supplier news
06/02/13 - MAER S.A of Girona, Spain introduces a new high speed wide mouth PET jar cutting solution.
Ogura’s HBC-232 rebar cutter
Supplier news
01/02/13 - Ogura’s 32mm rebar cutters available from Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment are fitted with protection covers to meet OH&S compliance requirements.
Icaro C42 rebar cutter
Supplier news
31/01/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment presents a new range of portable rebar cutters manufactured in Italy.
Pro-Cut 12 cordless hydraulic rebar cutter
Supplier news
29/01/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment introduces the new Pro-Cut 12 cordless battery hydraulic rebar cutters from Edilgrappa.
Icaro TP50/54 combination rebar cutter/bender machine
Supplier news
21/01/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment presents Icaro's new TP50/54 rebar cutter/bender designed to enable both cutting and bending of rebar from one machine.
Impactool 2130XP-TL impact wrench
Supplier news
04/12/12 - Caps Australia presents the Impactool 2130XP-TL impact wrenches from Ingersoll Rand designed for high-volume tyre change applications.
Traxx CFQ diamond lubricant
Supplier news
23/11/12 - Traxx Construction Products presents the CFQ diamond lubricant formulated to enhance the performance of diamond tools significantly.

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