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A wide range of Grout Pumps with fail safe features, designed for the mining and construction industries.
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Wagss Grouting Solutions - Wagss is one of main suppliers of pneumatic, hydraulic and Electric Grout Pumps both in Australia and overseas. Piston Type or Screw (progressive cavity) type, for Construction or the underground Miner. Wagss also supplies ...
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Integrity Pumps and Engineering offer a new standard in pump, engineering and pneumatic supplies and service. They are agents for Wilden Double Diaphragm Pumps and Roto progressive cavity pumps. They are also a major repairer of all progressive ...
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Rocktech provide ground support products, equipment and services to the mining and civil engineering sectors in Australia. Their product range includes cable bolts, cable packs, cable bolt accessories, theadbars, roll mesh, friction stabilisers, grout ...
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Colloidal mixers are available with the majority of Waggs grouting equipment
Supplier news
21/04/11 - Impressively cutting cost and time down, WAGSS now offers the Colloidal Mixer with the majority of its grouting equipment.
Rambor's grout pump P100 stocked by Integrity Pumps and Engineering
Supplier news
10/10/10 - Rambor’s grout pump P100 stocked by Integrity Pumps and Engineering has been specifically designed to mix grout or Tekflex for a range of construction purposes.
Supplier news
05/12/07 - The new Wagss grout mixers are now available with the new pump flushing system.
Supplier news
19/09/07 - The high pressure grout machines will be capable of reaching a stall pressure in the 2000 psi range and average flow rates of 100-130 litres per minute.
Supplier news
16/08/07 - In the case of Bulb Cables, the Cable Bolt Pusher is designed to allow the Bulb to pass through the Pusher without deforming or compressing the Bulb formation. Manufacture will commence shortly.

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