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​GR Engineering wins Mutiny Gold contract
09/10/14 - GR Engineering has signed an MoU for a new minerals processing facility at Mutiny Gold’s Deflector mine.
Hera Processing Plant, situated approximately 100km south-east of Cobar, NSW, Australia
Supplier news
01/10/14 - Gekko Systems announces the successful handover of the Hera Processing Plant to Aurelia Metals Ltd.
Mining in perspective: How much metal do mines produce
26/09/14 - Visual Capitalists and artist Dillion Marsh have created stunning images putting the amount of metal that is actually mined from operations, and globally.
St Barbara may hand Gold Ridge mine to Solomon Islands
25/08/14 - St Barbara is in talks to hand the embattled Gold Ridge mine back to the Solomon Islands Government.
Ark Mines gets greenlight for Northern Territory gold mine
19/08/14 - Ark Mines has obtained approval from the Northern Territory government to begin mining activity at its Frances Creek Golden Honcho project.
Russia may overtake Australia as second largest gold miner this year
18/08/14 - A ramp up in Russian gold production may see the country soon supplant Australia as the second largest gold miner in the world.
Gold Ridge confirms job cuts
18/08/14 - Following heavy rainfall and production and security issues, St Barbara has cut its workforce at its Solomon Islands' Gold Ridge mine.
St Barbara evacuates workers from Gold Ridge mine
14/08/14 - St Barbara has withdrawn all its workers from the Gold Ridge operation after escalating safety and security concerns.
Australia gains greater control of its gold mines
05/08/14 - Domestic ownership has risen to around half of all Australian gold operations, according to new reports from Surbiton Associates.
Watpac wins Hanking Gold mining contract
04/08/14 - Watpac have won a $29 million contract to provide mining services for Hanking Gold's Cornishman Pit.
BHP sees jump in production year on year
23/07/14 - BHP Billiton has seen a huge spike in its iron ore and coking coal output year on year, and has forecast continued growth.
Gold likely to skyrocket on continuing Ukrainian crisis
23/07/14 - The continuing, and escalating crisis, in Ukraine may be pushing us in to a new cold war, and is building the foundation for another runaway gold price.

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