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Sepak Industries offer a complete range of hygienic food processing equipment. Products include kettles with or without scrapers, vessels, centrifugal pumps, plate type heat exchangers, lobe pumps, valves, shear mixers, tube and shell heat exchangers, ...
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Xtra high head pumps
Supplier news
01/11/06 - Sykes range of Xtra high head pumps is perfect for highwall mining applications. With the depth of operations, water management is critical in highwall mining, making pump systems a priority. Any mismanagement of water could result in workings being ...
Supplier news
12/09/06 - There are two important factors that govern the boiling point of the vehicle: The first is the saturation boiling point of the cooling fluid. The second is the pressure that the fluid is under.
Supplier news
28/01/04 - THERE are many applications when the only way to ensure a reliable code is by using a continuous ink jet coder (CIJ). Until now most coders could only offer inks that depended on a strong mix of MEK in order to provide the speed, adhesion and drying ...
Dimpleflo tubular heat exchanger.
Supplier news
19/11/03 - TERALBA Industries has expanded its range of pasteurisers based on its “Dimpleflo” tubular heat exchangers, to accommodate smaller batches of product and lower flow rates.
Supplier news
27/10/03 - MILFORD Astor has released a new continuous ink jet (CIJ) printer, the CITRONIX, to the Australian market.
Better protection against cavity corrosion.
Supplier news
13/06/02 - FLEETGUARD Australia has released a new, fully formulated, Propylene Glycol (PG) based "all engine" coolant - PGPlus. The new PGPlus pre-mixed coolant, provides not only the best engine protection, it also totally fills the needs of customers concerned ...
Two-stage skid mounted Mueller Accu-Therm AT40 with 76mm BSM connections.
Supplier news
23/04/02 - TERALBA Industries has expanded its range of Mueller Accu-Therm plate heat exchangers, with the introduction of stainless steel terminal blocks to provide multiple stages of heating and cooling within the plate heat exchanger frame.

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