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Mining, Exploration and Surveying Consumables from Signet are available in stock and ready to be dispatched
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Signet is a leading distributor of Packaging, Safety, and Cleaning supplies. Distributing nationally with despatch centres located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Townsville and Mt Isa. How Signet is helping Australia Compete It’s our ...
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Established in 1984, AirMet Scientific Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s market leaders in the supply and service of cost effective solutions dedicated to the protection of personnel in the workplace. AirMet back those solutions with a high level ...
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KMR Drilling is an industry leader of drilling services in Tasmania. The company has been established for seventeen years and has well over 40 years of industry experience. KMR Drilling currently has one of the largest range of multipurpose drilling ...
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Leapfrog AR allows geological models to be superimposed over a pit or an underground operation to give a big picture view of the geology
Supplier news
08/09/15 - ARANZ Geo Limited announces the launch of the beta version of the Leapfrog AR augmented reality tool for geological modelling applications.
Caterpillar's new EL 1000 Longwall Shearer
Supplier news
15/08/13 - Caterpillar’s new shearer model, the EL1000, is designed specifically for low and medium height seams. Currently in development, Caterpillar will display it at Longwall, USA.
Q400 Type 2 noise dosimeter
Supplier news
30/06/08 - Q400 Type 2 noise dosimeters, available from Air-Met Scientific, are compact and simple-to-use making them a versatile instrument.
NoisePro Series dosimeters from Allara Instrument Hire
Supplier news
27/06/08 - The new NoisePro Series dosimeters and new QuestSuite Professional Applications Software provide The System Solution for professionals responsible for occupational hearing conservation and monitoring noise levels.
Larson Davis 703+ Noise Dosimeter from Allara Instrument Hire
Supplier news
26/06/08 - Larson Davis 703+ noise dosimeters are lightweight, possess a trim ergonomic design, tamper resistant microphone assembly and 100 hour battery life.
Noise Badge 705 Dosimeter from Allara Instrument Hire
Supplier news
25/06/08 - Noise Badge 705 noise dosimeter is a convenient dosimeter that is controlled by the 705 WIN software.
High Volume Sampler with PM 2.5 or PM 10 head from Allara Instrument Hire
Supplier news
24/06/08 - High Volume Sampler with PM 2.5 or PM 10 head is available from Allara Instrument Hire.
High Volume Sampler available from Allara Instrument Hire
Supplier news
23/06/08 - High Volume Sampler is available from Allara Instrument Hire.
Dust Trak
Supplier news
20/06/08 - Dust Trak is a portable, battery-operated laser photometer which offers a real-time digital readout with the added benefits of a built-in data logger.
Model 8520-1 Environmental Enclosure
Supplier news
19/06/08 - Model 8520-1 Environmental Enclosure can be used in conjunction with the DustTrak for many different applications.
Velocicalc Rotating Vane Anemometer
Supplier news
17/06/08 - TSI’s Velocicalc Rotating Vane Anemometers accurately measure air velocity and temperature, calculate flow rate, perform averaging, and determine minimum and maximum readings.
Q-Trak Indoor Air Quality Meter
Supplier news
16/06/08 - Q-Trak Indoor Air Quality Meter, available from Allara Instrument Hire, measures CO, CO2, temperature and humidity.

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