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GasBadge single gas monitors
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14/08/09 - Available from Extreme Safety, the GasBadge is a perfect solution for monitoring the presence and levels of single gases.
M40 gas monitors
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13/08/09 - M40 four gas monitors from Extreme Safety offer a simple and easy gas monitoring solution for a range of applications.
Portable gas detector
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28/05/09 - Lear Siegler Australasia in conjunction with BW Technologies offer portable gas detectors. These gas detectors are designed for easy use and use advanced sensor technology to provide detection of toxi
BW GasAlertMicro 5 multi gas detectors
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27/05/09 - Compact and lightweight BW GasAlertMicro 5 series multi gas detectors are available in diffusion or pumped instruments. The BW GasAlertMicro 5 multi gas series detectors, available from Lear Siegler A
BW GasAlertMax XT multi gas detector
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26/05/09 - Oxygen deficiencies, explosive atmospheres and exposure to toxic gases and vapours injure or kill hundreds of workers every year during confined space entry procedures. The only way to ensure conditio
GasAlertMicro multi-gas detector
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25/05/09 - GasAlertMicro multi-gas detector, available from Lear Siegler Australasia, simultaneously displays H2S, CO, O2, SO2 or combustibles suitable for a range of applications, including HAZMAT response, con
TEOM model 1405-DF dichotomous ambient particulate monitor
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14/05/09 - The TEOM model 1405-DF dichotomous ambient particulate monitor is available from Lear Siegler Australasia. It differentiates itself from other PM measurement methods by utilising a direct mass measurement that is not subject to measurement uncertainties ...
iSeries gas analyser
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11/05/09 - The Thermo Scientifics range of iSeries gas analysers is available from Lear Siegler Australasia and requires less maintenance.
Can be wall mounted for easy installation.
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05/08/05 - THE LaserGas II Multipass (MP) monitor, available through ANRI Instruments & Controls Pty Ltd, is a high performance gas monitor specially designed for measurement of very low gas concentrations.

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