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Gas Adsorption Analysis

At Tennant, we are passionate about developing innovative solutions to help our customers resolve their cleaning challenges. Our products are designed to sustainably clean spaces with fewer resources and reduced emissions. Our range of scrubbers are ...
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Particle and Surface Sciences provide Scientific Instruments for particle characterisation services to research, industrial and pharmaceutical companies. PsS Also offers Laboratory services and technical advice.
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At Crea Laboratory Technologies  we specialize in the field of particle characterisation. Due to our focused efforts we offer the best support and understand the needs of what our customers require in the after sales support on instrumentation. ...
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Pycnometry systems for volume measurements
Supplier news
02/09/10 - Distributed in Australia by Particle & Surface Sciences, AccuPyc II 1340 series pycnometers are fast, fully automatic devices used for high speed and precision volume measurements and density analysis.
Micrometrics ASAP Xtended pressure sorption analyser
Supplier news
22/05/09 - Particle & Surface Sciences have released the new Micrometrics ASAP Xtended pressure sorption analyser. The ASAP 2050 retains many of the design elements of the ASAP 2020 in addition to being able to collect physisorption data in an elevated-pressure ...

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