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Intelligent Crouzet Chronos 2 Multi-Voltage Timers from ITC Products
ITC Products
Intelligent and convenient Multi-Voltage Timers deliver the ultimate all in one solution to space and miswiring prevention.
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ITC Products' core product range includes linear solenoids, timers, relays, switches, mercury relays and contactors, transformers and power supplies, industrial controls, electro-magnets, and miniature motors.
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NHP Electrical Engineering Products specialises in industrial switchgear and automation, bringing together leading products, systems and solutions from key application categories - motor control, power distribution, hazardous location, sensing and detection, ...
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Associated Controls specialise in the design and manufacturing of industrial control solutions and products. With vast experience in electronic controls, they offer an extensive product range and expertise in product management. Products include Ascon ...
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Temperature, level, voltage current monitors, inductive, capacitive, photo-electric
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Supplier news
05/12/06 - Techspan Group has released its new S range of ultrasonic cleaners in Australia and New Zealand.
The Hioki 3455 high voltage insulation tester.
Supplier news
16/03/05 - THE new, battery-operated Hioki 3455 high voltage insulation tester is suited to industrial environment as it has large range of testing voltages including 250, 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000 volts dc. The instrument measures insulation resistance to 5 Tera-ohm ...
Designed for A/D applications that interface directly to analogue signals.
Supplier news
18/01/05 - HOLTEK, represented in Australia by Multi Components, has released the HT46R46, HT46R46E and HT46R47E eight-bit MCUs.
Super Ace metal halide lamp.
Supplier news
27/01/04 - EYE Lighting has announced the release of a new five band multi-wavelength metal halide lamp. This lamp features new flicker reduction technology and represents an important step forward in the evolution of metal halide lamp technology.
Miniature serial interface RTC module
Supplier news
12/06/03 - EPSON has developed an ultra-compact and thin real time clock (RTC) module called the RX-4591CF. The RX-4591CF forms a family of RTCs, which are supposed to be one of the world's smallest serial interface module real time clock including a 32,768kHz ...
World's smallest RTC module
Supplier news
21/02/03 - EPSON has developed an ultra-compact and thin RTC module, RX-8564CF, which is supposed to be the world's smallest real-time clock module, including the 32kHz crystal, available. Most competitors’ real-time clocks (RTC) are usually simple ICs which require ...
Part of the Gavazzi range stocked by NHP.
Supplier news
19/07/02 - NHP and Carlo Gavazzi have joined forces to bring a new era in control and automation to the Australian market. Carlo Gavazzi solutions include mono and multi-function timers, current, voltage and phase monitoring relays, liquid level relays.
A new generation of engineering tools.
Supplier news
04/06/02 - THE new BluePort controller range from PMA now has seven members. Common to all versions is the BluePort interface in the front panel. Via the interface, it is possible to connect a PC or laptop directly. Together with PMA's BlueControl software, this ...

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