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Fryer Systems

Industrial Fryers
Heat and Control
Heat and Control large quantity fryers ensure that all food products being cooked are fried in clean and filtered oil.
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Heat and Control design, engineer and manufacture food processing and packaging machinery and equipment including fryers, ovens, searing, breading, fillers, weighting equipment, dust enclosures, packaging machinery, conveyors, cutting equipment, accumulation ...
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CFS is a world-leading supplier of preparation, marination, further processing and packaging solutions, primarily for the meat, poultry, fish, seafood and cheese industries.
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MasterTherm batch fryer shown with hood in the open position
Supplier news
08/02/12 - Heat and Control has introduced new MasterTherm batch fryers that are capable of producing 500 pounds of finished, batch fried potato chips in almost any style per hour.
Universal Potato Chip System
Supplier news
17/05/10 - One Universal Potato Chip System produces almost unlimited styles of chips at the same capacity as multiple batch fryers.
Airforce impingement oven
Supplier news
04/05/09 - The Airforce impingement oven, available from Heat and Control, delivers an increase in output and superior quality through a unique process which enables rapid precise cooking plus preservation of flavour and moisture in cooked meat, poultry, seafood, ...
 The Indirect-Heated Fryer System
Supplier news
20/07/06 - ACCORDING to Heat and Control Pty Ltd, there is no easier or more efficient fryer system than the Indirect-Heated Fryer system. It provides precise temperature control and low oil volume to deliver consistent product quality and low operating costs.
Mastermatic prepared foods fryer
Supplier news
19/06/06 - Adding precision, quality and versatility to the production process, Mastermatic Prepared Foods Fryers provide automated continuous frying for a variety of prepared food products! Precise frying control is available as Mastermatic Prepared Foods Fryers ...
Efficient automated continuous frying
Supplier news
19/06/06 - Heat and Control's Mastermatic Snack Food Fryer provides effective and efficient automated continuous frying for a range of snack food products! Temperature and conveyor speed can be accurately controlled to produce uniform products.
Supplier news
06/09/05 - CFS has launched new preparation equipment to ensure processing time is reduced, yet quality and hygienic standards are still upheld. New equipment includes - MultiTrack, CutMaster, TopCut, PortionCut

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